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Brazilian salpicão is a colorful and healthy alternative to chicken salad

Brightened with raisins and lime juice, salpicão is a colorful and sassy Brazilian chicken salad perfect for summer. The add-ons also can get pretty creative, including canned corn, peas, pineapple and even shoestring potatoes, stirred in just before serving to remain crisp.

Eating for Life

Roasted Pear Crumble is a sweet source of nutrition

Pears are delicious and nutritious. They’re also one of the leading fruit sources of dietary fiber, with most of the nutrition locked in the peel. The Star’s Roasted Pear Crumble leaves the peel on the fruit because it contains the largest amount of anti-inflammatory phytonutrients and dietary fiber.

Eating for Life

Brussels sprouts lighten up for spring in slaw recipe

Although slaw is most typically made from cabbage, just about any sturdy vegetable that can be torn, shaved or sliced into a culinary confetti will work. The key to Brussels Sprouts Slaw With Walnuts and Pomegranate is to shave the finest shreds possible.

Eating for Life

Easy Cioppino is a traditional San Francisco seafood stew

Eating for Life’s Easy Cioppino traces its origins to Italian-American fishermen. Seafood — fish and shrimp in this case — swim in a rich, flavorful tomato broth. Some chefs add garlic, celery and onion. Our recipe adds zucchini, then garnishes the stew with spinach instead of parsley for a bump in nutrition.

Eating for Life

Butternut squash and pasta are a sweet and savory pairing

The Star’s Pasta With Herbs and Butternut Squash offers a creamy and delicious way to enjoy butternut squash served with whole-grain pasta. Butternut squash is a good source of fiber, potassium and magnesium, as well as an excellent source of vitamins A and D. It’s naturally sweet, and you can substitute it for any recipe that calls for pumpkin.

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