Eating for Life

Tomatoes pair perfectly with grilled steak

The Star’s Grilled Steak and Tomatoes is a swan song to the waning days of summer. It’s also a simple grilled meal with that packs a lot of nutrition. Tomatoes are loaded with the antioxidant lycopene. Beef is packed with protein and is high in iron and vitamin B-12. It’s and is the perfect backdrop for the succulence and slight acidity of tomatoes.

Eating for Life

Dip into dukkah, a nutty condiment

Dukkah, a Middle Eastern blend of toasted nuts, sesame seeds and spices. The crunchy condiment served on olive oil-dipped flatbread is especially popular in Egypt, where nearly every family has developed its their own signature version to suit its their personal tastes. Now it is making waves in the United States as a healthy and crunchy addition to a variety of foods.

Eating for Life

Add kimchi to give tacos an Asian twist

The Star’s Korean-Style Grilled Beef and Vegetables on Crisp Tortillas uses ready-made kimchi available in the refrigerator section of some supermarket produce sections. Using low-sodium soy sauce further reduces the amount of sodium in this recipe.

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