Cooking 101

Old-style Greek sheftalia sausage is perfect for the grill

Trevor Bolerjack, a third-semester culinary student at Johnson County Community College and an apprentice at the Sheraton Overland Park hotel, shares a recipe for an old-style Greek sausage known as sheftalia that you can cook on the grill. Serve it with a Greek salad.

Eat & Drink

Vegetable samosas are perfect for parties

JCCC chef apprentice Antwoine King learned to make samosas from the wives of his former co-workers. His version of samosas is like a meat pocket and can be made at home. Look for all the necessary ingredients at an Indian grocery store.

Cooking 101

Slow-cooked baby-back ribs are worth the wait

You can’t rush the perfect barbecued baby-back ribs. That’s why Brenden Grinnell, a second-year student in the Johnson County Community College culinary program, has developed a recipe worth the time investment. The ribs need to sit in the refrigerator for three hours after you apply the dry rub and then cook in an slow oven for three or four hours before you put them on a grill.