Cooking 101

Slow-cooked baby-back ribs are worth the wait

You can’t rush the perfect barbecued baby-back ribs. That’s why Brenden Grinnell, a second-year student in the Johnson County Community College culinary program, has developed a recipe worth the time investment. The ribs need to sit in the refrigerator for three hours after you apply the dry rub and then cook in an slow oven for three or four hours before you put them on a grill.

Cooking 101

Chili-rubbed fish gives tacos a kick

This recipe for Ancho Chili-Rubbed Fish Tacos was created by Dannette Fortner, a Johnson County Community College student chef who used to shy away from fish. That changed when she learned more about ways to prepare it in culinary classes.

Cooking 101

Traditional Italian porchetta gets a Kansas City twist

Porchetta is a traditional Italian dish that consists of layering pork belly with herbs and spices and pork loin, rolling it up, then roasting it in the oven. Jeff Toohey, a second-year student in the Johnson County Community College’s Chef Apprentice and Food and Beverage Management programs, calls his version of this classic dish “Kansas City-fied.”

Cooking 101

Create a sushi roll that is as tasty as it is beautiful

Making a Spicy Squid and Korean Grilled Shrimp With Rice and Seaweed Rolls requires a planning ahead. But Ian Zoellers, a student chef at Johnson County Community College, promises that the effort will be worth it. The result, he says, is “something like a stir-fry squid in a sushi roll.”

Cooking 101

Lamb, veggies and homemade sauce pump up cabbage rolls

Some foods from childhood just stick with us. For Allan Beargie, one of them has been golabkis, known more commonly as stuffed cabbage rolls. Beargie, of Polish descent, ate a lot of them while growing up in a Cleveland neighborhood called Slavic Village. He still likes them today, although he often chooses to tweak the recipe.

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