Red, White and Blue Twinkies contest: The winners and other favorites

07/02/2014 6:09 PM

07/02/2014 6:48 PM

We’re guessing Twinkies won’t be on your Fourth of July menu (although they can be grilled; just Google it). But in the hands of some of our up-to-a-challenge readers, the iconic Hostess snack cakes can look every bit as American as, yep, apple pie.

Probably more so. When’s the last time you ate apple pie that was red, white and blue?

Today we’re unveiling (you might even say unfurling, like Old Glory) the three winners of FYI’s Red, White and Blue Twinkies Contest, in which we asked you to turn Twinkies into something patriotic. The top three winners score $50 cash gift cards.

We’re also publishing some other favorites from our judging panel. Uncle Sam and the bald eagle, for instance, were popular. But everyone brought their own vision to each Twinkie creation.

Hostess, in case you haven’t been paying attention, had stopped making Twinkies and filed for Chapter 11, but last year the company reopened in Kansas City and pressed “start” on the Twinkie production line.

Our thanks to everyone who shared their Twinkie art. Happy Fourth of July!

| Tim Engle, The Star

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