Saudi Arabian prince promotes Nelson-Atkins exhibit, and his own nation, on a visit to Kansas City

His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, a grandson of Saudi Arabia’s ruler, came to Kansas City for opening ceremonies of the “Roads of Arabia” exhibition at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art on Wednesday. Museum officials and the prince himself say the collection of 200-plus artifacts, excavated over the last four decades, shows that Arabia was not some distant desert outpost but a center of culture and innovation.

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Miley Cyrus is sick, and we are too

Ever since Miley Cyrus twerked with teddy bears on MTV last summer, the world has been clamoring for her breakdown. Everyone is saying something has to be seriously wrong with her. Maybe something’s wrong with the world.

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Former KC-area winemakers flourish in vineyards of Pacific Northwest

Kansas City is known for its contributions to cuisine, music, art and sports. So why not wine? Indeed, Kansas City has played parent to skilled winemakers who have gone on to craft excellent wines and wineries in the Pacific Northwest and are contributing to those Washington and Oregon’s burgeoning reputations for distinctive wines.

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Oak Grove artist Russell Joy finds his passion in stained glass

A few of Russell Joy’s stained glass windows are at businesses, restaurants and homes, but mostly they’re at churches, lighting up sanctuaries and chapels, cavernous and intimate, across the Kansas City area. Their themes are sacred and their styles range widely. They tell a story. They say a prayer. They stir a sensation. They do what stained glass does: twinkle, glow, radiate, illuminate.

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Solving your gardening dilemmas

These are recent questions and answers posted on KC Gardens, The Star’s gardening blog. Questions come from readers, with answers from volunteers for Johnson County’s K-State Research and Extension, as well as Dennis Patton, Extension horticulture agent.


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Her selfish son is ignoring his own child

DEAR ABBY: My 23-year-old son, “Wayne,” who is single, has a 3-year-old son. We didn’t learn about the child until he was more than a year old, when Wayne was asked to take a paternity test. Luckily, we have been able to form a good relationship with our grandson’s mother and see him often. However, our son has shown no interest. He pays child support but has little interaction.