Miso glaze puts a new twist on fish

The reported health benefits of miso are numerous: Miso is fermented, so it is a probiotic that aids in digestion, and it is high in compounds linked to lower rates of breast cancer, heart disease and menopausal symptoms. The Star’s Miso-Glazed Pan Seared Fish and Vegetables is a delicious way to try miso and start integrating it into your diet.

Dateless in her 20s: Author Katie Heaney makes a good case for staying single

“Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date,” 27-year-old Katie Heaney's frank and funny new memoir, makes a good case for staying single. Nara Schoenberg of the Chicago Tribune caught up with Heaney, now 27, dating a bit more and working as an editor at BuzzFeed, for a phone interview about life, love and the response to her first book.

No words can soothe the pain of losing a child

DEAR ABBY: My 1-year-old baby recently passed away. I have two other children, one with special needs. I find it irritating and not at all comforting when people tell me that “at least I have other children and that I should concentrate on them.”

Wow! Kids step up to the challenge of our needy new puppy

Our cats have never wanted to be close to the boys, despite the kids’ desperate yearnings. Ozzy, our Cavalier King Charles puppy by contrast, instantly became my children’s biggest fan. They’ve been together a week and already I’m noticing growth and maturity in the boys.

She weaves family into her art

Shenequa Brooks, a 21-year-old senior at the Kansas City Art Institute is debuting her show, “Synthetic Ties,” exploring the relationship between black women and their hair.