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A Muslim woman in Playboy. What could go wrong?

It doesn’t matter that she’s fully covered, wearing a shiny headscarf and leather jacket. It doesn’t matter that she speaks passionately about media distortions of minority communities. And it doesn’t matter that she’s collaborated on a fashion line whose proceeds help to fight human trafficking. Noor Tagouri is a Muslim woman pictured in Playboy, and that’s enough for some conservative Muslims to lose their minds.

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Federal judge sets contempt hearing for Kobach

Judge Julie Robinson scheduled the hearing after the American Civil Liberties Union last week contended Secretary of State Kris Kobach has failed to comply with the judge’s May order to register about 18,000 people who registered to vote at the DMV but did not provide proof of citizenship.


For Chiefs offense, end zone has become elusive

The Kansas City Chiefs got into the end zone on their second possession of Sunday’s 24-3 victory over the Jets, and it looked like the offense was in for a productive day. But that touchdown was the only one produced by the Chiefs offense. There were other golden opportunities but the Chiefs wound up with a total of three points from those.