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Kansas lawmakers question KU on project deal

As legislators peppered them with questions Tuesday, University of Kansas officials defended the financing of a $350 million building project and tried to assure lawmakers they intended to be upfront about the plan. At issue is KU’s Central District Development Project, which includes new student housing, science classes and labs, and a student union.

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Sports costs at ESPN weigh down Disney's Force-ful quarter

ESPN, the sports network that drives Disney's profit engine, has hit a soft patch. Subscribers have fallen by about 7.2 million over the last three years, according to Nielsen, and it's coming off a round of layoffs in the latest quarter. As more people cut the cord to watch programming online, its perch on top of the pay TV empire is looking unsteady at best.

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Trump nails it in New Hampshire; Kasich snags second

Donald Trump nailed down a decisive first victory in New Hampshire's presidential primary Tuesday, proving his unorthodox campaign can translate the large crowds at his rambunctious rallies into the votes that determine delegates. Ohio Gov. John Kasich, an afterthought in Iowa, popped up in second.