King and Moses: Both saw the Promised Land

On Jan. 21, we celebrate the life and lasting legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Two months later, Jews will celebrate Passover. Although it may not be readily apparent, these holidays share an important tie. Both are centered on deliverance from subjugation and prejudice, and the journey of a people toward freedom and self-determination.

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King’s words inspire and heal

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’ ” He wholeheartedly believed in the idea of community. On MLK Day of Service, it’s easy to get out and volunteer for a few hours. And it’s beautiful to give back.

Black Republicans are raising their profile

As the nation reflects on the 83rd birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., young, black Republicans refer to the slain civil rights leader’s national call for diversity, equality and tolerance to support their right to espouse their political views, albeit conservative and counter to the traditional voices of the predominantly liberal, Democratic black community.

Suburban events honoring King are flourishing

Although the events sponsored by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Greater Kansas City are considered the area’s biggest King celebration, many other communities, groups and organizations also will recognize King’s life and message. Most suburban celebrations began as small gatherings that generated only a handful of participants. The events have flourished and now draw a more diverse crowd.

Nelson Thompson | We must finish what King began

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. often spoke of his vision of a “Beloved Community,” where equity, justice and unity prevails. It also is where all persons regardless of their race, nationality or gender are able to realize their full potential. We choose the theme “Creating a Beloved Community,” because there is an urge need for us all to put aside our racial and political differences and work removing the ravages of racism, classism and sexism.