Tweet should cost KU journalism professor his job

Professor David Guth got the University of Kansas into this mess with his controversial anti-NRA tweet after the Navy Yard shooting in Washington, D.C. Guth should try to be rational enough, this time, to say what is appropriate and get the university out of this mess.

The death of suburbia is greatly exaggerated

“The End of the Suburbs” is a catchy book title, but at least in Johnson County, sprawl is very much on the drawing board for the foreseeable future. After 2025, with a dearth of children, things may change dramatically. But for now, those who know our market best are betting on continued growth.

Working through the anguish of Obamacare

Republicans are going through the classic stages of grief over the passage of Obamacare. It occurred back in 2010, but to them, it feels like yesterday. It is as if someone dear to them has died. In this case, what died — in their view — is the finest medical system on the planet, along with the loss of personal freedoms.

Only Hillary Clinton can save us from Joe Biden in 2016

Joe Biden should hang it up when his term as vice president expires, but he probably will do that only if Hillary Clinton decides to run for president in 2016. Clinton has her own flaws, to be sure, but I would far rather be led by her than by a dangerous Joe Biden any day.

Jackson County can benefit from research tax

Jackson County supporters don’t need to look far to see how a medical research tax can benefit the community. The extra sales tax in Johnson County has proved to be a powerhouse of research, education and economic development.

Syria vote is an important one for U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder

The stakes are high because this nation must follow through when we have drawn a line in the sand and because we must stop the use of chemical weapons. Pray that the congressman from the Kansas 3rd District will be courageous, demonstrate his best judgment and follow his own instincts.

Whatever happened to the end of the world?

The hatchet approach to cost savings is better than what we had before: no cuts at all, just a forever-growing government. Conservatives who truly believe in the magic of innovation under pressure should believe in that.

Rebirth of Van Horn High School is a sign of hope

The ingredients for change are all there: Missouri now has the authority to merge districts, superintendents of neighboring districts would likely be lined up to support such a move, and history tells us we have a real possibility of making a profound difference in the lives of children.

Government should subsidize the Postal Service

The Postal Service now has the worst of all worlds. Taxpayers pay nothing to support the day-to-day activities, but Congress gets to control it. Congress needs to stop being hypocritical and myopic. America’s Postal Service should be first-class and remain so until the last American stops using it.

KCI’s convenience makes up for any shortcomings

Community leaders are embarrassed by our airport because it lacks the glitz of other airports. It doesn’t give you a sense of modernity, of large masses of people, and it leaves you with the impression this is a small, not-so-up-to-date Kansas City. But what a price to pay, to give up all that convenience for an image.

Approval of same-sex marriage is the right thing to do

It may be another generation before the vast majority of Americans accepts same-sex marriage. But the day will come. And many people will wonder why their parents and grandparents were so against same-sex marriage, when it will become simply a matter of fact.

Global warming is real — and we need Keystone

Whether environmentalists want to admit it or not, we need that oil, because wind and solar energy can only generate a small amount of energy. Both are heavily subsidized, in order to keep them solvent, and even then, some major efforts don’t make it. Hello, Solyndra.

Kris Kobach: So smart and so very, very dumb

The Kansas secretary of state actually believes that a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that says an Arizona law requiring would-be voters to come up with proof of citizenship is unconstitutional would not apply to Kansas, which has a nearly identical law.

Be patient, Missouri. Kansas will self-destruct

Kansas voters elected a conservative Republican governor and a conservative Republican-controlled legislature. Together, they were to be a juggernaut. Something has gone terribly amiss. They are not at all of one mind.

Eric Holder is a liability to President Obama and our country

Eric Holder’s controversies are distracting a nation, which should be focusing on key issues, such as the economy, health care and immigration. The U.S. attorney general would be doing his president and the nation a great favor by tendering his resignation sooner, rather than later.

The NRA stokes real fears about government

If President Barack Obama and some in Congress think they can push through any kind of gun control legislation, they are deluding themselves and wasting time. Obama and certain senators who are still leading the charge for some kind of gun control have a total disconnect with the extraordinary fears of gun owners.

Hostess unions, the bell Ding Dongs for thee

Hostess has a new owner, who is opening the plants that make Twinkies, Ho Hos and Ding Dong brands. Only they are reopening without any unions. That’s one big step for American capitalism. And one big step backward for unions.

Let’s hope the Koch brothers don’t buy media

By the acquisition of major newspapers, wealthy Koch brothers of Wichita could purchase the forum for opinion that influences millions of voters. Whether you are conservative or liberal, the prospect of having that much power concentrated in so few hands should be plenty scary.

Brownback holds the line on higher education

Gov. Sam Brownback recognizes the importance of higher education to keep Kansas competitive and to turn out a well-trained workforce. In addition, Brownback knows that research is a key to maintaining excellent universities.