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Diversity Diva

Ferguson raises issues that aren’t going away

What struck me most is that I found it easier to have a talk with this stranger about this powderkeg of an issue than I found it to talk to most of my friends. One of the reasons that we have trouble talking about these issues is that some of us don’t want to be uncomfortable, and others of us don’t want to be disappointed.


Pessimism rocks America’s post-recession workplace, survey says

If a sampling of Americans is correct, the U.S. economy and workplace were forever changed — for the worse — by the Great Recession. According to a majority of adults polled by the John H. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers, college will continue to be unaffordable, people won’t be able to retire as expected and jobs will continue to be insecure.


Kansas City area jobs grew in July, but so did joblessness

The area’s unemployment rate was estimated at 6.6 percent in July, up from 6.3 percent in June. At the same time, area employers added 4,100 jobs. Preliminary data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said 10,400 workers or would-be workers entered the area’s labor force in July, causing the jobless rate to rise even as employment grew.


GM to move Cadillac SRX production to Tennessee

General Motors announced Wednesday that it is moving production of its next-generation Cadillac SRX crossover SUV from Mexico to its plant in Tennessee, leading United Auto Workers leaders to chide Tennessee Republicans for their opposition to the union increasing its influence in the state.

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