Advertising Supervisors

06/11/2009 10:38 AM

05/16/2014 5:11 PM

Julie Terry
Vice President of Advertising
(816) 234-4144
Michelle Kelly
Business and Health Care District Manager
(816) 234-4179
Ted Massing
Targeted Sections/Co-op/Vendor Manager
(816) 234-4193
Bret Miller
Key Accounts Manager
(816) 234-4169
Nick Hadley
Director of Classified Advertising
(816) 234-4078
Sharon Horgan
Classified District Manager
(816) 234-4739
Debra Anderson
Recruitment/Call Center Manager
(816) 234-4008
Sharon Horgan
Classified Interactive Manager
(816) 234-4739
Laura Keeling
Business/Obits/Weddings Manager
(816) 234-4002
Michelle Jolles
Director of Targeted Publications
(816) 234-4173
Chad Parkhurst
Niche Publications Manager
(816) 234-4951
Randy Lane
Insert and TMC Manager
(816) 234-4157
Jane Howard
Director of Advertising Operations
(816) 234-4896
Jane Howard

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