We braved the cold to find some drinks to warm you up

02/05/2014 1:00 PM

02/05/2014 9:00 PM

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, sending us into six more weeks of winter.

Do I believe in the predicting powers of the groundhog? No. But look at our weather. Winter’s wrath is on a roll.

But don’t let these temperature drops and random snowstorms bully you. There’s still fun to be had — First Friday, “The Monuments Men,” Monster Jam and more go down this weekend. Get out of the house and into some fun.

A little winter warmer always helps me ease into the cold. I’m talking about hot chocolate and coffee of the spiked variety. Happy hour doesn’t have to be all martinis and cold cocktails; put a little heat in your system. You have options. (And call a cab, or a friend, if you have too many.)

Sweet heat

Some of downtown’s best hot drinks are at the Crossroads bar known for frosty beverages:

Snow Company

, 1815 Wyandotte St. There are nearly a dozen to choose from, and most are $7.25. My favorite is the Flying Snow Squirrel: Trader Vic’s Macadamia Nut Liqueur, 360 Double Chocolate Vodka, white hot cocoa and fresh whipped cream. It’s my favorite warm adult beverage, period.

But there are others worth checking out. Like Luck of the Chai-Rish, made with the Irishman Irish cream, Catdaddy spiced moonshine, hot chai and cinnamon. Think Big Red chewing gum.

And the Social Heart On is somewhere between a Thin Mint and an Andes Candies. It’s hot chocolate, Boulaine’s Creme de Menthe, 360 Double Chocolate Vodka and Fee Brothers Mint Bitters served with whipped cream on top. The best part of the Social Heart On is that 10 percent of every purchase is donated to

SocialHeart, a nonprofit dedicated to fundraising for local charities. SnowAndCompany.com Liquid comfort

I went to

McCormick Schmick’s,

448 W. 47th St., to get an Irish Coffee. The Plaza restaurant has a tempting list of adult coffees like Spiked Mocha and Millionaire Coffee, but when I saw the Hot Apple Pie on the drink menu, I couldn’t resist. When it comes to apple drinks, I’m more of the Martinelli’s apple juice kind of gal, but I love apple pie.

The drink, a spiced apple cider spiked with Tuaca Vanilla Citrus Liqueur, is $9 of delicious. It’s comfort food in a glass. There’s something so buttery and sweet about it, just like apple pie. I was tempted to order a scoop of vanilla ice cream despite the cold season.



Cold chaser

There’s only one warm drink at

the Jacobson

, 2050 Central St. And since I’m a fan of the restaurant’s cold craft cocktails, I had to give it a try. Jacobson’s Hot Toddy ($10) is rye whiskey infused with cinnamon, dried cherries and cloves poured over fresh orange tea. Hot toddies are known as the adult cure for a cold, and the Jacobson’s version tastes a little like Theraflu, but better. It’s a citrus-licious remedy to chase the winter blues away.

It’s on the happy hour menu, so if you’re out on First Friday and looking for a winter warmer, I’d get there between 3 and 6 p.m., when you can try it for $5.

TheJacobsonKC.com Beat ’em or join ’em


the Brick

, 1727 McGee St., there’s a storm brewing in the form of the Blizzard ($6.50). Don’t be fooled by its sweet appearance. It might look like hot chocolate, with its perfectly whipped cream and cute sprinkles, but this is not a drink for lightweights. A mix of Jameson, hazelnut liquor, Irish Cream and Oddly Correct coffee, it’s a knockout.

Luckily, we had the Hot Mama, too. She’s a soothing ginger tea, with lemon juice and Kraken Dark spiced rum. This is a feel-good drink, a true toddy — and only $6.50. If I had a sore throat or found myself in the throes of a crappy day, I’d come to Hot Mama.

TheBrickKCMO.com Hot shot

Sake may be an acquired taste. My taste buds just aren’t refined enough for rice wine. To me, it tastes like boiled nail polish remover. My friends love the sake at Nara and Drunken Fish. I just don’t like it. What I can’t debate is how easily it warms the chest. One shot is like an instant heater. If you’re cold and like to drink, just add sake.


Bo Lings in Zona Rosa, I tried the house sake, $8 a carafe. Twice to be sure. Our waiter insisted after a few shots it’s good. The hubby says it’s like a hot Malbec. I’ll take his word for it because the taste never grew on me. But at least I felt cozy. Sake is like a warm blanket. BoLings.com


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