KC Health Department closes two restaurants; others cited

12/13/2012 1:13 PM

05/16/2014 8:33 PM

The Kansas City Health Department temporarily closed two restaurants.

•  China Wok, 6048 N.W. Barry Road, after a routine inspection Tuesday. The department said the restaurant was closed due to “the history and number of repeat violations.” The restaurant had 15 critical violations, including employee washing hands without soap and then drying his hands on his dirty apron, and fried chicken and rice held at improper temperatures.

No food preparation, service or sales may take place until the restaurant has corrected the violations. The restaurant must then be re-inspected.

A manager said the restaurant was in the process of correcting the problems.

•  Sung Son a Vietnamese Bistro late Friday afternoon due to “excessive” roaches.

Sung Son was cited for 10 critical violations, including live roaches in food bags underneath the prep table, on the wall behind the water heater in the kitchen, and inside egg roll packages in the kitchen.

In this case, it was the presence of live roaches that resulted in the closure, as that indicated that the pest control methods were not working, a health department spokesman said.

Restaurant officials could not be reached for comment. However, the restaurant was re-inspected, had just one critical violation and was allowed to reopen Tuesday evening.

For compete inspection reports from the Kansas City Health Department, visit: http://www.inspectionsonline.us/foodsafety/mousakansascity/search.htm

The Kansas Department of Agriculture cited these operations for six or more critical health code violations. Most critical violations are corrected at the time of the inspection.

•  Eggtc, 7182 Renner Road, Shawnee, had six critical violations during a Nov. 27 routine inspection. They included: Chili dated 11/23/12 through 11/30/12, gravy dated 11/23/12 through 11/30/12, pancake batter dated 11/25/12 through 12/3/12 and waffle mix dated 11/26/12 through 12/31/12, all dated for more than seven days .

A manager had no comment.

•  On the Go Travel Center, 9134 Woodend Ave., Edwardsville, had six critical violations during a Nov. 16 inspection following a complaint. They included: Employee eating at prep table.

The owner had no comment.

For complete inspection reports on Kansas restaurant operations, go to



The Environmental Health Division of the Jackson County Public Works Department cited these operations for three or more critical violations.

•  Anthony’s Italian Restaurant, 203A S.W. Eagles Parkway, Grain Valley, had three critical violations during a Nov. 19 inspection. They included: A large container of cooked rice was not date-marked.

“We are a new business and we want to keep everything correct,” said Anthony Tapia, owner.

•  Filling Station BBQ, 333 S.E. Douglas St., Lee’s Summit, had three critical violations during a Nov. 14 inspection. They included: A number of packages/containers of ready-to-eat foods without a date-mark, a repeat violation requiring a re-inspection.

A manager had no comment.

•  IHOP, 12128 S. U.S. 71, Grandview, had three critical violations during a Nov. 26 inspection. They included: Mashed potatoes and Hollandaise sauce were held at improper temperatures .

A manager had no comment.

For complete Jackson County inspection reports, go to www.jacksongov.org/fsi/

The Cass County Health Department cited these operations for three or more critical violations.


Clark’s Place Bar Grill, 2041 N. Commercial, Harrisonville, had 11 critical violations during a Nov. 27 routine inspection. They included: Mouse droppings along the wall behind condiment prep table, kitchen soda fountain machine and along the wall next to the grease trap.

“It has been corrected and fixed,” said Melissa Clark, owner.

•  Tara’s Café Malt Shop, 401 Main St., Belton, had 11 critical violations during a Nov. 30 routine inspection. They included: Multiple items in refrigerator without a date-mark. It had no violations during a Dec. 3 follow-up inspection.

The owner had no comment.

•  The Best Burrito, 1805 S. Commercial, Harrisonville, had seven critical violations during a Nov. 28 routine inspection. They included: Salsa held at improper temperatures.

“We had a re-inspection and passed everything,” said Luis Lomeli, owner.

Cass County health inspection reports are not available online.

The Environmental Health Protection Division of the Clay County Public Health Center cited these operations for three or more “priority” violations.

•  China Wok, 198 W. Missouri 92, Kearney, had three critical violations during a Nov. 5 inspection. They included: Raw meat stored over vegetables in the walk-in cooler.

The owner did not return phone calls.

•  Ventana Gourmet Grill, 117 W. Broadway, Excelsior Springs, had four priority violations during a Nov. 1 inspection. They included: Prepared foods held longer than seven days.

“It was a new product but still had the old date on the lid of the metal pan. It didn’t come off in the wash,” said Wendy Baldwin, co-owner.

For complete Clay County reports, visit: http://www.clayhealth.com/

| Joyce Smith, jsmith@kcstar.com


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