Area restaurants cited for health code violations

10/04/2012 3:32 PM

05/16/2014 7:53 PM

The Kansas Department of Agriculture cited these food operations for six or more critical health code violations. Most critical violations are corrected at the time of the inspection.

• Don Chilito’s Mexican Restaurant, 7017 Johnson Drive, Mission, had 11 critical violations on a Sept. 27 inspection following a complaint. They included cooked ground beef, cheese sauce, beans and chili held at improper temperatures in a cooler and two containers of chimichangas dated Sept. 20.

The owner had no comment.

• El Camino Real, 903 N. Seventh St., Kansas City, Kan., had 10 critical violations on a Sept. 14 inspection following a complaint. They included rice held at an improper temperature and built-up mold in an ice bin.

“We have fixed everything, and we want our customers to have a good dining experience, a safe experience when they come in,” said manager Elizabeth Martinez.

• Evergreen Chinese Restaurant, 7648 State Ave., Kansas City, Kan., had nine critical violations on a Sept. 14 follow-up inspection. They included cooked chicken and raw shrimp held at improper temperatures (an employee said the items were just moved to the cooler from the prep table). In addition, the hot water to the only kitchen hand sink had to be turned on by valves below the sink, and the valves were encrusted with food debris.

The owner said the violations had been corrected.

• IHOP, 15350 Shawnee Mission Parkway, Shawnee, had 13 critical violations on a Sept. 25 inspection following a complaint. They included three green peppers in a walk-in cooler with mold, and potato soup and chicken noodle soup held at improper temperatures in the cooler.

The area manager had no comment.

• Touch of Asia, 6860 W. 105th St., Overland Park, had seven critical violations on a Sept. 25 routine inspection. They included about 15 to 20 flies in the kitchen and dining room and about 30 fresh rodent droppings on a shelf containing clean plates.

The owner had no comment.

• Waffle House, 10910 W. 75th St., Shawnee, had six critical violations on a Sept. 24 follow-up inspection. They included an employee who cracked raw egg shell, wiped a hand on a dirty towel and then touched single-service napkins without washing hands or changing gloves and cooked bread stored directly on raw shelled eggs.

“The violations were fixed on site,” said relief manager Jennifer Smith.

For complete inspection reports on Kansas restaurant operations, go to


The Kansas City Health Department temporarily closed the deli of Tony’s Market, 3900 E. 31st St., on Sept. 19 due to a backup in the three-compartment sink. The report noted six critical violations.

The establishment may not prepare, serve or sell hot dogs or sausages to the public until the critical violations are corrected and an inspector conducts another inspection. Tony’s Market also must submit a plan stating how each critical violation was corrected and what steps will be taken to prevent the violations from recurring.


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