KC rolls out red carpet for ‘42’ and stars Harrison Ford, Chadwick Boseman

Harrison Ford says he really didn’t know much about baseball when he agreed to play the Brooklyn Dodgers’ Branch Rickey, but he knew a great role when he saw one on paper. Ford is coming to town Thursday for a special screening of “42,” the new film about Jackie Robinson, the Kansas City Monarch who broke major-league baseball’s color barrier.

AMC Town Center to drop reserved seats, surcharge

Perhaps customer feedback about the cost of movie tickets finally worked at one multiplex operated by Kansas City-based AMC Entertainment. Prices at the Town Center in Leawood will drop $2 starting July 22, when the 20-screen multiplex ends its reserved-seating policy.

The year ahead | Alien movie invasion

It’s never too soon for a Hollywood studio to start claiming prime opening dates for its films. In fact, the 2009 calendar already is a done deal. The heavy hitters are in place and gearing up marketing campaigns designed to separate you from your entertainment dollar.

Visitors flock to Forks, Wash., for ‘Twilight’ magic

FORKS, Wash. | Pounding rain and heavy mist are constant in this timber town where logging’s decline left a graveyard of rusting timber mills and unemployment. Businesses shut down. Parts of the local high school were condemned. Families started to drift away.