Hollywood icon Mickey Rooney dead at age 93

Mickey Rooney, the irrepressible actor of seemingly limitless skills who personified the all-American teenager in movie musicals with Judy Garland and dozens of other comedies and dramas, has died at 93. Rooney, once among the world’s top box-office stars, could sing, dance, play drums and do pratfalls and impersonations. He began his career at 15 months in his parents' vaudeville act and never really retired.

With funds restored, Kansas City’s film office will roll again

Kansas City government quit funding a film office more than a decade ago, but the new budget provides money to reopen that office, in partnership with the Convention and Visitors Association. Film advocates say it’s a welcome and crucial move to give Kansas City a foot in the door for all sorts of film opportunities.

Kansas City FilmFest puts emphasis on movies with local ties, animated films

These days, locally grown food is all the rage, and many folks feel the same about film. At least that’s the case with the Kansas City FilmFest. In its 18th year, the city’s spring celebration of cinema is focused on films made around the region, or by people with connections to it. The FilmFest runs Saturday through April 13 at Alamo Drafthouse and Cinemark Palace on the Plaza.

‘Captain America’ superheroes dare to defy convention

When it comes to the superhero spy game, an easy facility with falsehood can get you far. Which helps explain the unlikely friendship that develops between Chris Evans’ unfailingly forthright patriotic hero and Scarlet Johansson’s ethically dubious operative in Marvel’s latest comic book adventure, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

'The Face of Love': Great actors not enough 2½ stars

It’s hard to be emphatic about “The Face of Love.” It’s a sloppily written movie with an arresting premise, starring a great actress in a role that doesn’t make sense. So there’s a whole lot of This, but there’s a little too much That.