Movie Mom: ‘The November Man,’ ‘Life of Crime,’ ‘Trip to Italy,’ ‘Frank’

08/27/2014 12:50 PM

08/30/2014 9:17 PM

Information for parents deciding which movies are best for kids ages 2 to 18:

“Life of Crime”

Why it’s rated R: Criminal activity, with kidnapping and financial fraud, violence including guns, characters injured and killed and some graphic and disturbing images, sexual references and situations, very strong language.

Minimum age: Mature teens.

Family discussion: How would you rank the characters from most to least honest? How would this story be different if it took place today?

If you like this, try: “Get Shorty,” “Ruthless People,” “Jackie Brown” and the novels of Elmore Leonard.

“The November Man”

Why it’s rated R: Extensive spy-style peril and violence including some graphic and disturbing scenes, guns, explosions, chases, torture, many characters injured and killed, rape, child prostitution, terrorism, drinking, smoking, drugs, sexual references and situation, offensive language.

Minimum age: Mature teens.

Family discussion: How can we balance the need for national security with the need for accountability? How did Mason decide whom to trust? What does the reveal about the villain tells us about contemporary geopolitics?

If you like this, try: Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond films and “The Matador.”

“The Trip to Italy”

It’s not rated, but: Some very strong and crude language, drinking, sexual references and situations.

Minimum age: Mature teens.

Family discussion: How does Brydon use impressions to mask his feelings? Do these men like each other? What do we learn from Coogan’s conversation with his son?

If you like this, try: “The Trip” and “Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story,” both with the same actors and director.


Why it’s rated R: Very strong language, suicides, severe mental illness, some violence, sexual references and situation.

Minimum age: Mature teens.

Family discussion: What did Jon want to achieve? What did Frank want? Why did Frank wear the mask?

If you like this, try: “The Commitments” and YouTube videos of Frank Sidebottom, one of the inspirations for this film.

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