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Fast-moving 'Hands of Stone' light on its feet

You can measure the progress of immigrants in American society by the names of boxing champions. The Irish ruled at the start of the 20th century: Sullivan, Corbett, Ryan, Jeffries. Then came the Jews: Rosenbloom, Leonard, Baer. They were followed by the Italians (Marciano, Graziano) and African-Americans (Joe Lewis and everyone after him).

Movie News & Reviews

Fede Alvarez and Sam Raimi plumb new depths of horror in 'Don't Breathe'

Two small objects were stacked on a worktable in the East Hollywood office of filmmaker Fede Alvarez on a recent morning, one prop each from his first two features. From his feature debut, 2013's "Evil Dead," was a midsized book, crafted and distressed to look like the mystical ancient tome known as the "Necronomicon." From his new film "Don't Breathe" was a simple kitchen baster, its innocent small bulb and pointed end belying the more sinister use it is put to in the film.


Southside With You (Trailer)

Inspired by Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date, "Southside With You" recounts the eventful summer day in 1989 when a young law firm associate named Barack Obama (Parker Sawyers) tried to woo lawyer Michelle Robinson (Tika Sumpter) during a daylong date that took them from the Art Institute of Chicago to a screening of Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing to the site of their first kiss outside of an ice cream parlor.
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Southside With You (Trailer) 2:31

Southside With You (Trailer)

Don't Breathe (Trailer) 2:39

Don't Breathe (Trailer)

'Snowden' official trailer 2:32

'Snowden' official trailer

'Audrey & Daisy' official trailer 2:34

'Audrey & Daisy' official trailer