November 21, 2013

Plaza Lights ceremony: Tips for viewing and parking

Where to see the stage, the lights and the fireworks, and where to park.
Views of stage and parking

The best views of the ceremony stage will be from the intersection of J.C. Nichols Road and Pennsylvania Avenue and along Nichols Road between Pennsylvania and Broadway.

Recommended nearby parking garages include Valencia garage (by the Gap and H) on the north side of 47th Street and Pennsylvania, Granada garage (behind Standard Style) on Pennsylvania just south of 47th, and Seville garage (near the Capital Grille and Bank of America) behind the main stage on Jefferson Street and Nichols Road.

All Plaza parking garages will be open and accessible throughout the Plaza lights season.

Great places to view the lights

• J.C. Nichols Pennsylvania. It’s close to the main stage and offers good views of fireworks displays (above Burberry and Plaza Customer Service).

• J.C. Nichols Broadway. It’s close to the JumboTron, which broadcasts the stage show, and has views of fireworks displays (above Plaza Customer Service and the InterContinental hotel).

• Atop the Halls parking garage.

• From the pedestrian bridge over Brush Creek.

• Anywhere in and around the Plaza with an unobstructed view.

Fireworks displays

Three simultaneous fireworks displays begin immediately after the lights are turned on. They’re near the stage at Nichols and Pennsylvania (above Burberry), one block east of the stage at Nichols and Broadway (across from Helzberg), and atop the InterContinental hotel.

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