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‘Bachelorette’ Andi Dorfman faces exes in ‘Men Tell All’ episode

07/21/2014 9:40 PM

07/22/2014 6:40 AM

It was a sea of scarves and man tears on Monday’s “Men Tell All” episode of the “Bachelorette,” where attorney Andi Dorfman defended her honor to the suitors she sent home throughout the season.

But before the men could show their faces, ABC decided to take awkward to the next level with a live ultrasound of the growing child of former bachelorette Ashley Herbet and her husband, J.P.

“We’re about to find out if this is a boy or girl, right here,” host Chris Harrison said.

And in case you didn’t endure the five minutes of weird, it’s a boy for the happy couple, who are expecting their bachelor-to-be at the beginning of October.

Now, back to the man tears.

The men started off on a heavy foot by addressing an alleged racist remark from contestant Andrew, who “pantsapreneur” J.J. claimed said something derogatory about the two black contestants, Ron and Marquel, being chosen by Andi.

Marquel, who confronted Andrew about the remark on the show, said he still stands behind J.J. and believes the remark was said, although he has forgiven Andrew.

Andrew continued to deny the allegation.

“The allegations you’ve made affected my job, my personal life,” Andrew told J.J.

Fan-favorite Marquel then took the hot seat on stage, explaining his fondness toward Andi but their inability to get out of the “friend zone.”

“It made me look like a square,” Marquel said, before passing out cookies to the entire audience.

Marcus, who was quick to tell Andi he loved her and quick to strip down to his skivvies, was next on the hot seat.

“With Andi, it made sense to me and she made it easy to open up,” Marcus said. “I have no regrets with it.”

Farmer Chris, who was the last to be sent home, also took the hot seat, which awkwardly turned into a not-so-hot date.

A “random” audience member interrupted the segment to ask Harrison if she could meet the hunky farmer, only to be invited down on stage to chat with him during the commercial break. Maybe farmer Chris will have more success with her than he did with Andi.

Andi then took the stage, answering questions from Chris and Marcus.

“What changed your mind after home towns?” Chris asked her.

“I didn‘t see the foundation to even get to Iowa,” Andi explained.

Marcus then asked if his openness scared Andi.

“It made me feel hopeful,” Andi said. “Towards the end, I wasn’t on that page.”

After Harrison revealed he had the results of the lie detector tests from a previous group date, Andi opted not to hear Josh’s results, as he is one of the final two she will select in next week’s finale.

“I’m going to trust him,” Andi said.

We’ll see about that.

Next week: Nick and Josh meet Andi’s parents as she decides who she will maybe have a relationship with after the show is over.

As long as her final pick refrains from telling her “Ees okay,” we think they’ll be alright.


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