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'Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman selects final two bachelors

07/14/2014 9:30 PM

07/14/2014 9:40 PM

Atlanta attorney Andi Dorfman is down to her final three men this week on ABC's “Bachelorette,” which means one thing: it's fantasy suite time.

The overnight dates are known for either sparking a flame or quickly blowing one out, and this episode was no exception.

Andi's first date in the Dominican Republic was with Nick, the software salesman who is head-over-heels for Andi.

So head-over-heels that he wrote and illustrated his own fairy tale for the brunette.

It was two parts adorable and one part creepy, but what we're more impressed with were Nick's detailed illustrations. (Nick, maybe you should quit your day job.)

The two frolicked on a private beach, where Nick's failed attempts to tell Andi he loves her fell flat.

Lucky for him, he would get an opportunity for that in the night portion of their date.

”I definitely feel like I'm on cloud nine,” Andi said.

”It's terrifying, but you're it for me,” Nick told her.

Safe to say, the two had no problem agreeing to an overnight date in the fantasy suite.

Date No. 2 went to Josh, who showed off his Spanish-speaking skills while exploring Santo Domingo.

After some dancing in the street and lots of laughter, Andi and Josh head toward a baseball field (shocker) where the two played a game with the Dominican kids, who took an instant liking to Josh.

”Today was a grand slam,” Josh said.

Andi expressed concern that Josh is all fun and games, but doesn't show his serious side as much. Those concerns were put to bed (sorry, we had to) in the evening portion of the date, where the two talked about what kind of parents they would be and made their way to the pool before entering the fantasy suite.

”I've waited 29 years to have this feeling, and I finally have it,” Josh said.

Farmer Chris had the final date of the episode, which was spent riding horses and playing another edition of “ghost in the graveyard.”

Andi was able to find Chris behind a bush, but unfortunately for both of them, no sparks could be found.

Chris declared his love for Andi, but instead of some reciprocation was met with a stern face and tears.

”I'm trying and trying, but it's not there,” Andi said.

She regretfully sent him home, telling him she felt “like an idiot” and that her “head and heart don't match.”

”I'm incredibly disappointed, but I get it,” Chris said.

Andi might not have had those feelings for Chris, but we're willing to bet a lot of farm-loving women are ready for their shot at love with the bachelor.

At the rose ceremony, Andi explained her decision for sending Chris home and gave the final two their roses. Josh and Nick both expressed confidence in their relationships with Andi and their excitement to meet her family.

”She's going to be Andi Murray, it has a nice ring to it,” Josh said.

Next up: the “Men Tell All” episode. If only it were as exciting as the “Women Tell All.’


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