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Google World Cup doodle scores sour note on social media

06/18/2014 11:17 AM

06/18/2014 11:17 AM

If Google was a soccer team, surely it just received a yellow card today from social media for its daily doodle.

Marking the World Cup in Brazil, the doodle depicts a colorful favela – a Brazilian slum. A cartoon letter “L” is seen kicking a soccer ball around on one of the rooftops.

“World Cup 2014: Forget the Spain vs Chile match, Google doodle wants you to remember the favelas,” trumpets a story about the doodle in England’s The Independent.

Reviews on Twitter have not been kind, either:

“Huh. The google doodle is a favela today. Where does the "I'm choking on my own outrage over this insensitivity" line start?” Chris Brink@chris_brink.

“HOW EFFING CUTE! The google doodle today is of a sweet little favela! Poverty is so darn ADORABLE!” DJ Dessert Pizza@statechampagne.

“Is today's Google Doodle supposed to be the favelas? Y'know, the slums that are completely shut out & invisible during the #WorldCup?” Fulana de Tal ‏@soulamami.

Google’s other World Cup animated doodles certainly have been less controversial.

One showed the Google logo eagerly making its way to Brazil. Another showed the Google letters lounging under palm trees on a sunny beach.

And when the United States played Ghana – two countries that have eagles as national symbols – the doodle showed two birds going “beak to beak” in a game.


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