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Hillary Clinton caught up in walker silliness over People cover

06/05/2014 1:57 PM

06/06/2014 10:51 AM

Call it a case of unfortunate photo cropping. When some folks got a glimpse of Hillary Clinton’s latest People magazine cover on Wednesday, they stirred the pot: Is the grandmother-to-be leaning on a walker?

The Drudge Report got tongues wagging, and incited a host of new Internet memes, by posting the photo and this tweet: “Is Clinton holding a walker?”

Uh, no.

She’s leaning on the back of a patio chair in her backyard, which can be seen in an uncropped version of the photo that People released in response to the minor dust-up.

If you don’t look carefully at the cover, you might think she’s leaning on the handle of a walker instead of the back of chair.

We like this suggestion from New Republic editor Rebecca Traister, who tweeted: “Psst, Hillary, when the photographer asks you to lean on something that might look like a walker or otherwise suggest infirmity, don’t do it.”


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