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Stargazing | Michael J. Fox turns his life into sitcom; Wynonna Judd’s husband loses a leg

08/22/2012 6:00 PM

05/16/2014 7:28 PM

He’s back

Michael J. Fox

is coming back to TV.

Happy dance, happy dance.

NBC won an intense bidding war to bring the former “Family Ties” star home to the peacock network.

Fox will star in a comedy that draws inspiration from his own life. He’ll play a husband and father of three in New York City dealing with family, career and Parkinson’s. Fox was diagnosed with the disease in 1991.

No word yet on the cast. The show is set to premiere next fall.

Wynonna’s heartache

After a motorcycle crash over the weekend in South Dakota’s Black Hills,

Wynonna Judd’s husband drummer, Michael Scott “Cactus” Moser

, had his left leg amputated.

Moser collided with an oncoming vehicle and his leg was nearly severed at the scene, Judd’s rep told People.

Tony Scott’s last days


Tony Scott, who took his life a few days ago, spent some of his last days with Tom Cruise

working on their planned “Top Gun” sequel. A source tells The Hollywood Reporter that the two were in Nevada last week touring a Naval air station as a possible location. Scott directed “Top Gun,” the movie that made Cruise a superstar.

Wendy’s new look

Things are going well for

Wendy Williams

these days. Her talk show is getting a new look for its Sept. 10 debut and “I’m 10 pounds thinner. I’ve been going to the gym,” she says.

“People will recognize the set from last season, but this season it will be enhanced,” she tells The Hollywood Reporter. “We’re using high-def, which make everything sharper, and we have a bigger space.”

And the popular “Hot Topics” segment, where she gives her take on the day’s headlines, will expend from 10 to 18 or more minutes.

Rosie’s miracle

Rosie O’Donnell

had a heart attack last week and is crediting aspirin for her survival.

“Thank god/saved by a tv commercial/literally,” she wrote on her blog this week. “They call this type of heart attack/the Widow Maker/i am lucky to be here.”

She said the problem began after she helped “an enormous woman” get out of her car in a parking lot in Nyack, N.Y. A few hours later, her chest started aching, both arms felt sore, she got nauseous and her skin got clammy.

She took an aspirin but didn’t call 911, which she acknowledges was a mistake. She went to a cardiologist appointment the next day, where the doctor discovered that one of her arteries was 99 percent blocked. She had a stent put in and is now recuperating at home.


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