A fervent crowd at the Midland gives Lorde a heroine’s welcome

One of this generation’s new heroes, Lorde, performed Friday night at the Midland, and though she’s barely 17 years old and has only one recording on her resume, she drew a crowd of about 3,000, most of whom gave her a heroine’s welcome throughout a set that lasted a little more than 65 minutes.

‘Royals’ singer Lorde is a teen phenom, but how long can she reign?

Lorde’s success is conspicuous for who she is and isn’t. Not a teen pop star appealing to girls going through puppy love or adolescent angst and heartache, she instead writes lyrics about issues with more gravitas: class and wealth, disaffection, privation, alienation and ennui. She performs Friday night at a sold-out Midland theater.