Must there always be a standing O?

“Everyone knows that a standing ovation can be an utterly hollow exercise,” writes The Star’s theater critic, Robert Trussell. “Think of politicians leaping to their feet during any president’s State of the Union speech. But when it comes to the arts, I’ve observed at times a curiously indecisive quality about audience approval — almost as if we’re driven by the fear that someone will think us unsophisticated.”

Hooked on crooks: How ‘Breaking Bad’ created a bona fide binge-watcher

“It took awhile, but I finally went over to the dark side. There’s nothing new about binge-watching — Netflix says it’s here to stay — but I could never get myself to take the plunge. Until recently,” writes Robert Trussell, The Star’s theater critic, who became hooked on “Breaking Bad,” the AMC series about a schoolteacher in New Mexico who becomes a meth dealer after his lung-cancer diagnosis.