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Newsroom Directory

Name/Email Title Work Phone
Mike Fannin Editor and Vice President 816-234-4345
Jennifer Davis Budget Coordinator 816-234-4642
Lisa Lopez Administrative Assistant 816-234-4907
Name/Email Title Work Phone
Greg Farmer Managing Editor 816-234-4321
Chick Howland Projects & Enterprise Editor 816-234-4782
Keith Chrostowski AME/Breaking News Team 816-234-4466
Eric Adler Enterprise Reporter 816-234-4431
Jesse Barker Assistant City Editor 816-234-4324
Laura Bauer Enterprise Reporter 816-234-4944
Katy Bergen Breaking News GA/JOCO School 816-234-4120
Don Bradley Enterprise Reporter 816-234-4182
Matt Campbell Crime and Courts Reporter 816-234-4902
Scott Canon Investigative Reporter 816-234-4754
Bob Cronkleton Crime and Courts Reporter 816-234-4261
Ian Cummings Crime and Courts Reporter 816-234-4633
Ed Eveld Kansas Government Reporter 816-234-7724
Jason Hancock Missouri Government Reporter 573-634-3565
Dave Helling Politics Reporter and Columnist 816-234-4656
Mike Hendricks Investigative Reporter 816-234-4738
Grace Hobson Assistant City Ed./ Breaking news 816-234-4306
Lynn Horsley KC City Hall Reporter 816-226-2058
Steve Kraske Political Reporter 816-234-4312
Donna McGuire Assistant City Editor, Crime and Courts 816-234-4393
Rick Montgomery Enterprise Reporter 816-234-4410
Glenn Rice Crime and Courts Reporter 816-234-4341
Tony Rizzo Crime and Courts Reporter 816-234-4435
Joe Robertson KC City Hall Reporter 816-234-4789
Judy Thomas Investigative Reporter 816-234-4334
Mara Williams Education Reporter 816-234-4419
Name/Email Title Work Phone
Mark Davis Business Reporter 816-234-4372
Diane Stafford Business Reporter/workplace 816-234-4359
Steve Vockrodt Business Reporter 816-234-4277
Name/Email Title Work Phone
Kathy Lu Asst. Managing Editor, Features 816-234-4394
David Frese Arts & Entertainment Editor/writer 816-234-4463
Sharon Hoffmann Editor (movies & lifestyle) 816-234-4457
Jennifer Hack Ink Editor 816-234-4792
Timothy Finn Music Writer 816-234-4781
Sarah Gish Food, lifestyle writer 816-234-4823
Cynthia Billhartz Gregorian House & Home editor 816-234-4780
Jenee Osterheldt Columnist 816-234-4380
Aaron Randle lifestyle, entertainment writer 816-234-4060
Jill Wendholt Silva Food editor 816-234-4395
Joyce Smith Retail and restaurant reporter 846-234-4692
Dan Kelly Calendars: arts & entertainment
Name/Email Title Work Phone
Jeff Rosen Asst. Managing Editor/Sports - NFL, columnists 816-234-4706
Chris Fickett Deputy Sports Editor - MLB, colleges 816-234-4354
Gary Bedore KU Basketball insider
Rustin Dodd Royals beat reporter 816-234-4937
Pete Grathoff Blogger, copy editor 816-234-4330
Vahe Gregorian Sports columnist 816-234-4868
Blair Kerkhoff Chiefs, Big 12 and SEC reporter/columnist 816-234-4730
Sam McDowell Sporting KC/high school sports reporter 816-234-4389
Sam Mellinger Sports columnist 816-234-4365
Jesse Newell KU Writer
Tod Palmer Mizzou beat reporter 816-234-4389
Terez A. Paylor Chiefs beat reporter 816-234-4489
Kellis Robinett K-State beat reporter
Tom Smith Designer/copy editor 816-234-4240
Daniel Zeilstra Statistics editor 816-234-4836
Name/Email Title Work Phone
Colleen Nelson Vice President/Ed. Board Editor 816-234-4886
Dave Helling Opinion Writer 816-234-4656
Steve Kraske Editorial Board Member 816-234-4312
Melinda Henneberger Opinion Writer 816-234-4872
Mary Sanchez Opinion Writer 816-234-4752
Derek Donovan Community Engagement Editor 816-234-4722
Name/Email Title Work Phone
Lee Judge Cartoonist 816-234-4482
Name/Email Title Work Phone
Eric Nelson Asst Managing Editor, Digital 816-234-4309
Leah Becerra Digital editor 816-234-4097
Chris Carter Digital editor 816-234-4180
Rachel Crader Digital editor 816-234-4012
Adam Darby Digital editor 816-234-4318
Mary Kate Metivier Digital editor 816-234-4397
Cliff Phillips Digital editor 816-234-4355
Hannah Ritchie Digital editor 816-234-4790
Matt Schmitz Digital editor 816-234-4784
Michelle Smith Digital editor 816-234-4356
Maria Torres Digital editor 816-234-4379
Paula Southerland Digital editor 816-234-4768
Lisa Gutierrez Digital Reporter 816-234-4987
Name/Email Title Work Phone
Chris Ochsner Assistant Managing Editor, Photo 816-234-4349
Monty Davis Multimedia 816-234-4819
Dave Eulitt general assignment photo 816-234-4358
Shane Keyser general assignment photo 816-234-4358
Tammy Ljungblad general assignment photo 816-234-4358
Allison Long general assignment photo 816-234-4358
Keith Myers general assignment photo 816-234-4358
David Pulliam Picture Editor 816-234-4358
John Sleezer general assignment photo 816-234-4358
Rich Sugg general assignment photo 816-234-4358
Jill Toyoshiba general assignment photo 816-234-4358
Shelly Yang Video Journalist 816-234-4357
Beth Welsh Community Faces 816-234-4343
Todd Feeback Regional Video Editor 816-234-4268
Name/Email Title Work Phone
Greg Branson Asst. Managing Editor, Presentation & Innovation 816-234-4753
Neil Nakahodo Digital Information Editor 816-234-4371
Jeff Patterson Digital Information Editor 816-234-4767
Jay Pilgreen Digital Information Editor 816-234-7914