Heartbleed bug causes major security headache

A confounding computer bug called "Heartbleed" is causing major security headaches across the Internet as websites scramble to fix the problem and Web surfers wonder whether they should change their passwords to prevent theft of their email accounts, credit card numbers and other sensitive information.

Physicist wins $1.3M tech prize for data storage

British-American physicist Stuart Parkin won the 1 million-euro ($1.3 million) Millennium Technology Prize on Wednesday for discoveries leading to a thousand-fold increase in digital data storage on magnetic disks — findings that enabled data centers, cloud services, social networks and online music and film services.

Internet security isn’t really that secure

A flaw has been discovered in one of the Internet’s key security methods, potentially forcing a wide swath of websites to make changes to protect the security of the public. The problem was disclosed Monday. By Tuesday afternoon, a number of large websites, including Yahoo, Facebook, Google and Amazon Web Services, said they were fixing the problem or had already fixed it.

Google Fiber construction disrupts as it modernizes KC

Once Google Fiber fully wires Kansas City with its light-speed-to-the-home Internet network, no other American market its size will boast such broad, broad broadband. To get there, the Google Fiber technicolor bunny is tree-trimming, jackhammering and trenching its way across the area.

With the help of friends in government, Motorola achieves telecom supremacy

City, county and state officials have allowed the company to secure an estimated 80 percent of all the emergency telecommunications business in America, raising questions about prices and interoperability. It is rare that a single company wields such power over a multibillion-dollar industry, especially one financed solely by taxpayers.

Microsoft launches Office for iPads

The Office for iPad apps – specifically Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps – went live Thursday morning in Apple’s iTunes App Store. The apps are free if users only want to view and present documents, spreadsheets and slides.

Sprint will provide rural carriers access to airwaves

In an agreement with the Competitive Carriers Association, which represents smaller mobile providers, Overland Park-based Sprint will let rural carriers focus on improving their own networks rather than expanding coverage. The partnership is designed for areas underserved by high-speed Internet.

Sprint starts marketing its network with Framily campaign

A new tagline, “happy connecting,” caps commercials that introduce “a strange mix” of characters that the Overland Park-based wireless carrier says will become identified with the company. One ad features comedian Andrew Dice Clay as the voice of a hamster.

Another Sprint network executive leaves, report says

The departure of Iyad Tarazi, a vice president of network technology development and integration, comes after Sprint’s chief network officer left and the company said its president of network, technology and operations would leave later this year.