Missouri shows everything it’s made of in upset at Georgia

As the seconds ticked down on Mizzou’s electrifying, groundbreaking 41-26 victory at No. 7 Georgia on Saturday at Sanford Stadium, MU senior receiver L’Damian Washington with fury in his voice repeatedly yelled to no one in particular, “Tell me that win ain’t good enough!”

Missouri 5-0 is a hit of the fall season

On Saturday, the Tigers continued to render 2012 an aberration and redeem their credibility with a 51-28 crunching of the Commodores in their SEC opener. With the victory primed by quarterback James Franklin’s 341 yards of total offense and four touchdown passes, in one swoop MU, 5-0, atoned for a deflating 19-15 home loss to Vanderbilt last season, matched its overall 2012 victory total and for the first time can claim a winning record in SEC play.

Fifty years later, former Chiefs marvel at how far the franchise has come

For all the enchantment and behind-the-scenes scheming that precipitated the Dallas Texans’ move here in 1963, the freshly hatched Kansas City Chiefs were broadly viewed with skepticism as they prepared to play their first regular-season home game 50 years ago Sunday. Unfathomable as it might seem now, Chiefs legend Len Dawson said, “We weren’t readily accepted.”

Chiefs’ start has recharged Mitch Holthus, the team’s radio voice

As exhilarating as the Chiefs 4-0 start has been in the wake of the excruciating 2012 season, it’s still too early to know just where year one of the reclamation project will go. But it’s hardly premature to declare a seismic change within the Chiefs. And maybe nobody states it with more eloquence, intimate knowledge and conviction than Mitch Holthus, in his 20th season as the radio voice of the Chiefs.

Chiefs see that working as complete system is winning approach

So the Chiefs are 4-0 for just the third time since their inception in Dallas in 1960. And the most conspicuous reason is a harsh and dynamic defense. But this isn’t about a defense carrying an offense. Because it’s more intricate and sophisticated than that. It’s about something, well, holistic, which is a word I remember Clark Hunt using recently.

Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton finds his place with pros

Lost in the ruckus over Andy Reid’s Philadelphia homecoming last week was the return to that pivotal site for Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton, who like Reid wouldn’t be in Kansas City now — and making a crucial contribution to the energized Chiefs — if not for life-changing events there, too.

Self tries to tamp down KU’s great expectations

Despite a star-studded recruiting class, the Jayhawks coach is not counting his chickens just yet. “If this team got to 33 wins, it would be an unbelievable year considering how difficult the schedule is,” Self says. Still, he is excited for what the team could accomplish.

49ers should have shown more concern for Aldon Smith

Yes, the NFL collective-bargaining agreement and its due-process stipulations to some degree hamstrung the 49ers, but they were free to demonstrate both their concern and intolerance of the allegations against Aldon Smith by, say, benching him without suspending him. Instead, the message in this insulated alternate reality is one of using him, really, as well as enabling and coddling him.

Justin Maxwell good to the last swing for Royals

With one chill-inducing 421-foot swat to left, Justin Maxwell delivered a 4-0 10-inning victory over the Texas Rangers, the Royals first winning season in a decade and second since 1994, kept their playoff hopes afloat, albeit remote, and triggered a delirious celebration as a signature of the season to the home fans.

Ned Yost has the Royals winning, but he can’t win with fans

With just one week to go until the playoffs and the Royals entering Sunday’s home finale against Texas with the best record in the American League since the All-Star break, fans have embraced the team. But they remain lukewarm on the manager. It’s a fascinating and puzzling dynamic that seems to ignore a major part of Ned Yost’s job — the human elements of his influence on the team. It also begs the question how much it matters whether fans trust his leadership if the players do.

Reid’s return brings mixed emotions for Eagles fans

The fabled, fevered Philadelphia sports fans were in full throttle and pitch on Thursday night but trapped in a sort of emotional gridlock over Andy Reid’s return as coach of the Chiefs. Speculation over how he would be greeted had swirled all over the area the last few days.

Chiefs’ Charles can be happy with gritty, not gaudy, numbers

Jamaal Charles’ aptitude as a receiver made him ideal for repurposing in new coach Andy Reid’s West Coast Offense. And that tweak in his role had been evident through most of the Chiefs’ first two games and nearly all day Sunday against Dallas, when he was a non-factor as a rusher. Until the Chiefs’ final offensive series, that is.

Clark Hunt grew with Chiefs through ‘toughest year’

In part because the Dallas Cowboys are today’s foe, appropriately enough exactly 50 years after Lamar Hunt moved his team here from Dallas, Chiefs chairman and CEO Clark Hunt considers this home opener “probably as big as it’s ever been.” But he also remains cognizant of how it was only out of chaos that a sense of order was restored, how the makeover was necessitated by a grim 2012 season in which the darkness extended well beyond a mere playing field.

Chiefs’ defense never let up on Jaguars

Asked whether Sunday's 28-2 season-opening victory over Jacksonville was the finest defensive performance of his nine seasons with the Chiefs, Derrick Johnson had to think for a second and said, “It ranks up there. … top three.” Time will tell on that, of course, because it’s hard to know how much of Sunday was New Chiefs and how much was Same Old Jaguars.

Chiefs won’t lack leadership with Andy Reid on sideline

John Dorsey said his mentor’s biggest regret was not hiring Andy Reid as the Packers’ head coach in 1999. Fourteen years later, the Chiefs had tunnel vision for Reid as the man to restore the once-proud franchise … and soon thereafter named Dorsey general manager to take the Chiefs into 2013 and presumably well beyond. “We all saw it,” Dorsey said of Reid during his time in Green Bay. “It was right here for us.”

Royals are passing this chemistry test

Chemistry is an elusive commodity. There’s no way to measure it. It’s complicated to define, let alone cultivate. And when it comes to sports, anyway, it doesn’t mean much in and of itself. Just the same, Royals manager Ned Yost puts a premium on the concept, which he believes has been fundamental to the team’s resurgence this season.

The Bill Snyder represented in K-State sculpture exists in fans’ hearts

That there even was a statue erected of Bill Snyder was improbable for a zillion reasons, including that Snyder’s name already is emblazoned on the stadium and a highway bears his name. But mostly it was unlikely for the improbability of his taking a historically inept shambles of a program and chiseling it into a power (twice, no less) and because Snyder wouldn’t be apt to go for such silliness.

K-State defeat is a reminder of the magnitude of Snyder's success

As meticulously as Kansas State coach Bill Snyder guarded his time during Friday’s ceremony to trumpet the opening of the spiffy $90 million stadium makeover that included the unveiling of a statue of him, no doubt later he was questioning this lost hour or so straying from routine as his defending Big 12 champion Wildcats were being toppled by the North Dakota State Bison 24-21.