Inside the huddle: Life as a quarterback

Playing quarterback in the NFL isn’t rocket science or neurosurgery, or like a chess match or solving a Rubik’s cube. But it is its own uniquely challenging mind-game, laden with infinite split-second decisions and a language all its own.

BCS will vanish, but the playoff system will have critics as well

After 16 seasons of constant controversy that featured a Justice Department inquiry, saber-rattling of lawsuits, mass contempt for a selection system some found bewildering and others unfair, and even a book, “Death To The BCS,” dedicated to its demise, the BCS will be laid to rest after the college football national-title game on Jan. 6, 2014, at the Rose Bowl.

Joe Montana brought something special to the Chiefs

Joe Montana led the 49ers to four Super Bowl titles and was arguably the greatest quarterback to play the game. But a dank, bone-chilling January day in Buffalo still haunts Montana whenever he’s asked about the two magical seasons he spent with the Chiefs.

Chiefs’ Fisher showed he could play with best at Senior Bowl

The moment of truth for Eric Fisher came the minute he stepped onto the practice field last January at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. Sure, Fisher had been a great offensive lineman at Central Michigan, where he dominated players from schools such as Bowling Green and Eastern Michigan. Now, he would have to block pass rushers from the big schools, players who would get drafted and play in the NFL.

Backup quarterbacks are always on call

Chiefs backup quarterback Chase Daniel has a great job. He makes good money, is one of the most popular people in Kansas City and doesn’t have to risk life and limb every Sunday like starter Alex Smith does. Except Rich Gannon once had the same job, and it’s not always what it seems to be.

Fantasy football: Don’t snooze on this year’s sleepers

As important as your initial pick can be, it pales in comparison to the handful of selections you’ll make — or miss — several rounds later. Fantasy veterans know the secret to great drafting is not simply choosing the best players available, but doing so no earlier than necessary.

Fantasy football player rankings by position

Ladd Biro’s fantasy football player rankings are based on each player’s projected position by the end of the 2013 season. This is a value ranking, not a recommended draft order. Players may be drafted significantly higher or lower based upon their perceived value to other owners.

Top 100 fantasy football player rankings

Ladd Biro’s Top 100 is a consolidated view of individual positional rankings, with players slotted according to their respective values. This is not a recommended draft order. Players may be drafted significantly higher or lower based upon their perceived value to other owners. Use these rankings to tailor your draft strategy, with a goal of selecting as many “Elite” and “Near elite” players as possible.