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Short on length, long on quality: Tivoli shines a spotlight on Oscar-nominated films

Short subjects have all but disappeared from regular movie theaters, yet there remains a substantial audience for these concise and sometimes overwhelming films. This year’s Oscar-nominated animated and live-action shorts — opening Friday in separate programs at the Tivoli Cinemas Theatre — are less about conventional storytelling than about establishing a mood that sticks with us after the lights come on.


Blinded dog Roadrunner’s recovery has been ‘amazing’

The KC Pet Project took advantage of Wednesday’s nice weather to share an update on the recovery of Roadrunner, the dog who needed to have his eyes removed because of alleged severe abuse. Roadrunner, who is believed to be a small brown Tibetan spaniel, was severely injured when he was allegedly thrown from a third-floor balcony of an apartment building.

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Profiting as a Super Bowl host city isn’t always a sure bet

The mayor of Glendale, Ariz., says his town may lose $3 million by playing host to Super Bowl XLIX, and this is one of the stories the NFL would rather you not hear about this week. The Super Bowl is supposed to be a bonanza of both dollars and exposure for everyone involved, and it is in many ways, but that windfall is buried by the reality of how these things are put on and how the money is counted.

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