KC police officer’s online post about Ferguson case is under scrutiny

The post showed a picture of a young man with a wad of money in his mouth and a gun in his hand. “I’m sure young Michael Brown is innocent and just misunderstood. I’m sure he is a pillar of the Ferguson community,” Officer Marc Catron commented in the post with the photograph. The picture actually shows a murder suspect in Oregon.


Attorney General Eric Holder shows empathy for Ferguson’s frustration

In this battle-scarred St. Louis suburb, he met with community leaders and promised a “thorough and fair” federal inquiry into the police shooting death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown. “Our investigation is different” from a parallel St. Louis County probe, Holder said in a meeting room surrounded by his top aides and local federal officials. “We’re looking for possible violations of federal civil rights statutes.”

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Hitchhiking app hopes to tap into the booming sharing economy

Lawrence’s Jenny O’Brien thinks her service, CarmaHop, which taps into the power of social media, can cut through the mystery — and fear — separating hitchhiker and driver. “It makes (hitchhiking) smarter and safer,” O’Brien said. “If you know somebody is going to rate you, then you’re less likely to be a jerk.”


Danny Duffy falters, gives up grand slam in Royals’ 5-2 loss to Colorado

An orderly evening crumbled around Danny Duffy in Wednesday’s sixth inning, and he found himself swept away by the onrushing debris. The sequence cost the Royals a game in a 5-2 defeat to the Colorado Rockies, reminded of Duffy’s ongoing maturation and displayed the consequences of rickety defense thanks to an explosive conclusion. The loss cut Kansas City’s lead in the American League Central to one game. The second-place Detroit Tigers beat the Tampa Bay Rays 6-0 earlier Wednesday.

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Judging the Royals

Rockies 5, Royals 2: How the game got away in the sixth inning

In the top of the sixth inning, Kansas City batters saw a total of six pitches from the Colorado Rockies’ starter, Jorge De La Rosa. When a team’s offense sees that few pitches in an inning, pay attention to what happens to that team’s starting pitcher when he goes back out to the mound. Wednesday night, Danny Duffy gave up a grand slam.

Yael T. Abouhalkah

Sorry, America, but Japan is better on guns, transit and health care

As a longtime chronicler of challenges facing the Kansas City area, I made mental notes about some of the lessons Japan could offer in improving the quality of life in this region and even this country of 314 million. Here are a few examples, while recognizing Japan is not close to being a perfect society and the United States is a great country (but too often hardly exceptional).

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