A minority woman in tech: Jeanette Prenger on being more than a ‘double check mark’

Young women still aren’t flocking to careers in science and technology, and figuring out why can be a real head-scratcher. They have the skills and academic wherewithal but still choose other disciplines, a recent study showed. And researchers point out that female students often outperform male students in math and science. So what gives? Jeanette Prenger, founder and president of Ecco Select, an IT consulting firm in Kansas City, sees mostly culture and tradition at work.


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Capitol Watch: Behind the Kansas welfare-to-work success story

In its quest to enact harsher restrictions on people seeking assistance, the Brownback administration has made good use this session of Kansas City, Kan., resident Valerie Cahill, who speaks eloquently of her own journey from public assistance to self-reliance. But Cahill’s experience probably isn’t typical of a welfare recipient getting into the workforce.

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Judging the Royals

Beware the letdown series

After the Royals swept the Angels (a 2014 playoff team) last Sunday, I wrote that they should watch out for the Minnesota Twins (a team many people are picking to finish last in their division). Guess what: The Twins took two out of three games from the Royals. So am I really that smart? Nope — but other people are.


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