University of Kansas

Five seasons ago, KU football started a fall that continues today

How did KU football go from really good to really bad, really fast? The time after Mark Mangino’s departure has been marked by crucial missteps, ego clashes and a power vacuum that has driven the on-field product into the worst four-year stretch in the program’s history.

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Gas prices at 4-year low for a Labor Day weekend

Gasoline prices are wrapping up the summer on a good note for consumers; on the Missouri side of the metro area they’re 28 cents lower than a year ago. The relief comes as gasoline demand is down 1.4 percent in the last month while gasoline supplies are up slightly.

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Judging the Royals

Is Billy Butler getting overexposed?

"Overexposure" is a baseball term for a guy who gets to play too much and shows people the holes in his game. A player can look fine for a while, but have him out there long enough and you begin to see some problems. On most plays Billy Butler is fine at first base, but give him a difficult play and he might get overexposed.

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