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Chiefs’ KC Wolf mascot reaches settlement after zip-line accident

Dan Meers, who performs as the Chiefs’ mascot, KC Wolf, reached a confidential settlement in a lawsuit regarding severe injuries he sustained last November while rehearsing a pre-game, zip-line routine at Arrowhead Stadium. The amount of the settlement and identity of the party are part of the confidentiality agreement, said Meers’ attorney, Tim Dollar, who emphasized the party was not the Chiefs.

Government & Politics

Obama faces tough options in Iraq and Syria

At the heart of President Barack Obama’s quandary over the Islamic State militants is their haven in Syria. The president may continue helping Iraqi forces try to reverse the group’s land grabs in northern Iraq by providing more arms and American military advisers and by using U.S. warplanes to support Iraqi ground operations.

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Chow Town

Easy, basic recipe for barbecue Boston butt

In this third part of mastering backyard and competition barbecue, Ardie Davis tells how to barbecue Boston butt. The meat is one of the most challenging to cook, but it is also one of the most popular for puns, double entendres and team names. Here’s an easy, basic recipe.

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