An act of kindness surrounding a Royals game provided a lift when he needed it most

On September 4, 2013, my buddy Dylan texted me, asking if I’d be interested in a Royals game a week from Monday. I told him probably not, as that day was the start of my second round of chemo. When I found out I’d be attending in the press box courtesy of Sam Mellinger and the Royals, however, I changed my tune.

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Cowboy rounds up two boys needing a home and a family

Team members at the Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association went deep into two brothers’ family tree in search of a potential home. They found Uncle Ken — Ken Hunt. “It wasn’t a matter of ‘I need to do this,’” he said. “I had to do this.”

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Judging the Royals

Royals' Lorenzo Cain needs a 'gamer' at the plate

The other day I was leaning against a bat rack (one of my hidden talents; I’m a professional-level leaner) when Lorenzo Cain came up and started pulling bats out of the rack and taking half cuts with each one. Lorenzo was searching for a good bat; a gamer. We wound up talking about bats, hitting the ball to the opposite field and my tenuous connection to George Brett.

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