Flooding concerns remain after storms pummel the Kansas City area

Severe weather Monday night across the Kansas City area produced several tornado warnings and reports of twisters on the ground west of De Soto and in Kansas City, North. Heavy rain left low-lying areas are impassable to traffic. The danger of flooding remained high as rivers and creeks already were swollen from storms last week.

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Paintball attacks pose real danger

Since early April, police have investigated 21 drive-by paintball shootings reported throughout Kansas City. Investigators have not identified a pattern or connected the shootings to a specific group or individual.


Edible bugs are all the buzz

Cooking with insects — especially crickets, mealworms and wax worms — is trendy, spawning hundreds of Pinterest boards, cookbooks and the term “entopreneurs” (as in entomology), people profiting from this six-legged fad.

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