Free medical clinic at Bartle Hall helps hundreds in the journey toward better health

There were 1,300 patient appointments for Saturday’s safety-net clinic, which was organized by the Kansas City CARE Clinic and the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics. The one-day event was not designed as a Band-Aid. Patients were given three-month supplies of free prescription medications and referrals to safety-net clinics and social services available in Kansas City.


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‘American Ninja Warrior’ takes over Union Station

With all the bright lights, hum of generators and little kids running around, the parking lot in front of Union Station took on the air of a circus Friday night. Several dozen people packed bleachers to watch the first of two nights of filming for TV’s “American Ninja Warrior” and check out the obstacle course and all its rings, nets and bars. The thrills continue Saturday night.

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