Chiefs got back to basics this week to aid run defense

In the Chiefs’ last two games, losses to Green Bay and Cincinnati, their opponents have run the ball quite well against their nickel subpackages, and it’s a trend the Chiefs are hoping to snuff out this Sunday against Matt Forte and the Bears.

Alcides Escobar, Ben Zobrist help lift Royals over Astros, 5-4, even ALDS at 1-1

The baseball hung in the sky for a lifetime, floating like a horsehide-covered offering to the Baseball Gods who had been so cruel to the Royals for the first 15 innings of the American League Division Series. Ned Yost often jokes about the talismanic powers of Alcides Escobar as their leadoff hitter, but in the seventh inning of a series-tying, stress-reducing, mojo-restoring 5-4 victory over the Astros, the Royals experienced a genuine bit of magic.

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