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Bird flu spreads north, dooming millions of chickens and turkeys

Creeping north with the spring migration of waterfowl, a highly contagious form of bird flu visited Missouri and Kansas before dooming millions of hens recently at an Iowa egg facility. This past week the governors of Wisconsin and Minnesota declared states of emergency. And come autumn, outbreaks of avian influenza probably will circle back, killing more commercial poultry. Experts are calling it the worst U.S. outbreak of bird flu in more than three decades.


Bishop Robert Finn to preside over ordinations despite resignation

Despite announcing his resignation a week ago, Bishop Robert W. Finn will preside over the priestly ordinations of seven deacons next month in the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese. Longtime critics of Finn expressed agitation over Finn’s continuing role in a diocese from which he stepped down under a cloud of scandal.

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It’s just about tomato planting time!

From Dennis Patton: Gardeners often try to get a jump on the season by planting tomatoes as early as possible. There just seems to be something about being the first in the neighborhood to pick a red ripe tomato. Caution should be taken if you are one of those season jumpers. Early planting can be successful if there are certain precautions that are followed, especially this year with the cool spring conditions we have been experiencing. Read on ...


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