Jennifer Lawrence wants investigation after massive leak of naked celebrity photos

Jennifer Lawrence is asking for an investigation after a hacker apparently obtained graphic naked cell phone photos of numerous celebrities, including Lawrence and Kate Upton, and leaked them online. A list of more than 100 alleged victims reportedly includes Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Kirsten Dunst, Avril Lavigne, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Winona Ryder.


Chiefs’ Alex Smith takes good-natured ribbing from teammates for new deal

Very little is sacred in an NFL locker room. Not personal appearance, not on-field performance and certainly not contract status, as Alex Smith can attest. The Chiefs' quarterback was already a very rich man prior to his new four-year, $68 million contract extension, which was announced on Sunday, but tell that to his teammates, who started harassing their good-natured leader from the moment he entered the team's training facility on Monday.

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Leonard Pitts Jr.: An Uzi, a 9-year-old and American exceptionalism

We speak often and with pride of America’s exceptionalism — by which we mean our rights, our freedoms, our values. And they are, make no mistake, among the finest in the world. But there are days when the bullets fly and the blood flows and no one can give you a good reason why this had to happen, and it occurs to you that we are also exceptional in the sheer, stubborn stupidity of which we are all too often capable. Last week brought another such day. A man was killed by a 9-year-old wielding a submachine gun.

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Dave Helling: Kansas races compel, other states hold intrigue

Election Day is nine weeks away. Kansans have plenty to get excited about — the governor’s race, a quartet in the Senate race, a competitive and important race for secretary of state, even a few local races. Missouri? Some ballot issues, a few legislative campaigns, that’s about it. Which elections across the country most captivate you this year?

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