Sam Mellinger

Once again in this long season, Royals can show what they’re made of

Let’s be clear and reasonable here: Only a fool would panic. After all, Saturday marks the latest the Royals have been in first place since — wait for it — 1985. Even with just 28 games left, it’s a stretch to talk about a season being at a true crossroads.

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Gas prices at 4-year low for a Labor Day weekend

Gasoline prices are wrapping up the summer on a good note for consumers; on the Missouri side of the metro area they’re 28 cents lower than a year ago. The relief comes as gasoline demand is down 1.4 percent in the last month while gasoline supplies are up slightly.


‘The audacity of taupe’: Barack Obama wears a tan suit, world shocked

Did President Barack Obama’s tan suit deserve so much attention at yesterday’s press conference, where he addressed the crisis in Ukraine and Syria? Yeah, that’s not what we’re here to answer. We’re here because #YesWeTan became a Twitter hashtag; because somehow, Obama broke some kind of unspoken fashion rule at White House press conferences; and because there are lots of witty people out there witting-up this fashion moment.

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Judging the Royals

Is Billy Butler getting overexposed?

"Overexposure" is a baseball term for a guy who gets to play too much and shows people the holes in his game. A player can look fine for a while, but have him out there long enough and you begin to see some problems. On most plays Billy Butler is fine at first base, but give him a difficult play and he might get overexposed.

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