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The Muehlebach — once KC’s heart, still a proud monument

Today, 100 years after opening, the hotel still stands among the surrounding skyscrapers, yet is closed for all but group gatherings. It serves as a kind of hidden jewel for those who know what they’re looking for. It is a relic, a reminder of an older, grander time, when a hotel was more than just a place to rest your head between flights.

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Bishop Finn finally pays price for misusing power, placing church secrecy ahead of safety of Kansas City area children

Outright removal of Bishop Robert W. Finn by Pope Francis would have sent an unmistakeable message. Still, it is rare for a bishop to step aside, and the reasons for Finn’s resignation should not be obscured. This is a man who held great power and used it to cover up a crime and protect a calcified inner circle. He needed to go. Others in the church should heed his fate.


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