Forced air heat needs the right returns

I own a house that is about 150 years old. I put a 3-story addition on 35 years ago. The heating is forced air by gas. I think I have one or two vents on the first floor, but the first-floor room gets cold. The heating man did not put in a return for that room, adding that I can use the entire room as a return. What would you recommend?

What to do when a heavy LED bulb pulls down a ceiling fixture

LEDs and compact fluorescent bulbs are much cooler than incandescents, and you can use either. Since the fixtures have flanges touching the ceiling, use small brass screws to hold the extra weight. Or, use the spiral-shaped compact fluorescent lights, which at 65 watts are lighter than incandescents. Get the CFLs that are dimmable.

How to fix a leaky toilet

I have a toilet that keeps making a swooshing noise like it is refilling the tank. I replaced the “flapper” valve inside the tank thinking it was leaking water, but that did not help. I have adjusted the float on the refill valve, but that has not helped either. Any ideas? What do I need to make the repairs in one trip to the store?