Make plans to attend the Healthy Yards Expo

We have a great event coming up this weekend, the Johnson County Healthy Yards Expo at the Shawnee Civic Center. We will have gardening seminars, eco-friendly vendors and activities for the kids, including StoneLion Puppets

How can tell if it's invasive honeysuckle?

How can I help a friend determine if honeysuckle that has come over her fence from a neighbor's yard is a marketed type honeysuckle, or the invasive bush form. I myself have been flamboozled by the invasive form, much to my regret

What was that minature purple plant for full sun?

Dennis: A week ago in GROW, you recommended a purple plant (your favorite) for full sun gardens. We put in a new patio (south facing) and want to plant a border garden (working with Earl May) along the edge with shrubs and plants that will stay around 18-20 inches

What flowering shrubs would work in this raised bed?

I have a raised flower bed in the front of house, would like some flowering shrubs that would flower all the time or at least quite a bit. The area faces the west so it gets filtered afternoon sun The bed is about 20 feet long and 2 1/2 foot wide

Dead is dead!

Finally, some nicer days to get out in the garden! While crawling around on my hands and knees I stopped to ponder a question we get all the time at the office. The question people ask is, “I have this dead branch, limb, shoot, leaf