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Kansas school standards should do more to include people of colors' contributions to history

Apr 17, 12:26 PM

The Rev. Ben Scott is right to be concerned over changes in Kansas school standards not doing enough to include the contributions of people of color to this country's history

Plaza, KC Zoo, Power & Light will survive recent troubles

Apr 17, 12:11 PM

In less than 24 hours earlier this month violent incidents brought negative attention to three Kansas City institutions. Despite the many naysayers out there, here’s what the problems didn’t do: Badly damage the futures of the Country Club Plaza, the Kansas City Zoo and the Power & Light District

Let's quit rewarding hospitals for mistakes

Apr 17, 11:26 AM

As polarized as we are over health care and how to pay for it, I’m pretty sure we can agree that hospitals should not be rewarded financially for bungling surgeries. But it happens, according to a study published Tuesday in The Journal of the American Medical Association

Root for Softbank in battle for Sprint

Apr 16, 5:58 PM

Suddenly, Sprint Nextel is the belle of the ball, desired object of two rich suitors half a world apart — Dish Network’s Charles Ergen, the 37th richest man in America, and Softbank’s Masayoshi Son, the second-richest man in Japan. “Both are good deals,” wireless industry analyst Bill Ho told The ...

Our 'taker nation:'' Angry anti-government voices silent on their benefits

Apr 16, 3:08 PM

The week the nation passed the deadline for paying federal, state and local taxes is a moment when Americans are keenly focused on the costs of running our governments. The government takes our dollars each April, and we deliver, as required

Don't use Boston Marathon tragedy as a soapbox for hate

Apr 16, 12:39 PM

There’s a disturbing trend these days. Call it a sign of the times, of the polarization of the country, or just the effect of anonymity and social media

Bikes for rent back out in downtown Kansas City

Apr 16, 10:08 AM

You know it's spring and the weather has officially turned when the racks on downtown sidewalks bloom again with bicycles for people to rent. A couple of hundred bicycles with locks and baskets became a downtown novelty last year for people when the weather turned warm

Shameful abuse of Kansas City parks

Apr 16, 9:53 AM

Northeast Kansas City parks suffer a lot of nighttime abuse. That includes drug deals, violence and prostitution, The Kansas City Star reports

A cowardly attack at the Boston Marathon

Apr 15, 7:23 PM

The deadly and despicable bombing attacks near the Boston Marathon’s finish line turned the crowd’s cries of joy into cries of terror in mere seconds. Again, Americans now will place their trust in authorities to resolutely piece together who did it, why they did it and what can be done ...

Big KC hotel would come with big price tag

Apr 15, 6:58 PM

Kansas City’s revived downtown has more residents and nightlife than it’s had in decades. The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts continues to draw national plaudits

Gun measure compromise falls short of America's needs

Apr 15, 1:23 PM

People in the House and Senate are patting themselves on the back for working out a bipartisan proposal to expand background checks for gun buyers. But what lawmakers have worked out falls short of this country's needs in holstering gun violence

YouthFriends end sad day for Kansas City area children, adults

Apr 15, 1:18 PM

Everyone in the Kansas City area should be saddened over YouthFriends deciding to end its operation on May 31. The nonprofit organization for 18 years connected thousands of adult volunteers with children in schools throughout the metropolitan area

Immigration reform no sure bet

Apr 15, 1:18 PM

The Republicans are starting to make the right kind of noise, but immigration reform remains no sure bet. Sen

The complacency seen by King hasn't gone away

Apr 15, 1:18 PM

Fifty years ago on Tuesday, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr

Crucial questions will decide fate of KC Police Department

Apr 14, 3:58 AM

Kansas City’s previous three mayors all ran into the buzz-saw of rejection by Kansas City’s Police Department. In the coming months we’ll find out whether current Mayor Sly James will be treated in the same dismissive way

Tougher rules needed to protect natural gas customers

Apr 13, 3:58 AM

Natural gas utilities and other pipeline operators stress that customer safety is their top priority. But put a big asterisk on that statement: There’s a limit to how much they want to really spend on safety

Rwanda needs U.S. and U.N. attention

Apr 13, 3:58 AM

Nineteen years after the genocide in Rwanda I still find myself drawn to that beautiful and deeply troubled country in East Africa. I understand that right now in the world there are 50 hot spots, at least, where civil unrest, wars, chaos and dictatorships are killing, raping and torturing

Could a Lawrence native be headed to U.S. Supreme Court?

Apr 12, 4:38 PM

Jeffrey Toobin, a legal affairs journalist and author of two books about the U.S. Supreme Court, thinks a Lawrence native has a shot at a future Supreme Court seat

Wheeler needs to keep his word and move out

Apr 12, 1:52 PM

Former Kansas City Mayor Charles Wheeler last week faced the possibility of his home being sold on the courthouse steps for failure to pay $40,000 in taxes. Then some big-hearted Kansas Citians stepped forward to try to help him out

YMCA's credibility has eroded in Raytown

Apr 12, 10:52 AM

The YMCA came to Raytown with a powerful mission statement, a Christian label that sported a board of directors symbolizing the business leaders of Kansas City. They built trust, asked for donations, and our community committed almost $2 million

Obama's plan creates jobs and cuts the deficit

Apr 12, 10:37 AM

The president’s Fiscal Year 2014 Budget is a concrete plan to create jobs and cut the deficit. We do not need to choose between these two priorities

A bad turn for Medicaid expansion prospects in Missouri

Apr 12, 10:37 AM

Medicaid expansion in Missouri seems to have died with a whimper, at least for this year. The $900 million that Gov

Veto irresponsible Kansas health insurance bill

Apr 11, 4:32 PM

This is the final installment in our Kansas fantasy veto session. We would have liked to carry on longer, making a case, for instance, for a veto of a bill destined to politicize part of the state’s judicial selection process

Nutter stops effort to sell Wheeler's house - for now

Apr 11, 12:32 PM

Below is the official explanation from James B. Nutter Sr

U.S. Senate defeats cowardly bid to kill gun control

Apr 11, 11:57 AM

In a small but potentially important victory, the U.S. Senate Thursday beat back a cowardly effort by Republicans to ignore gun control legislation in the 2013 session

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