NBA Player Comes Out

NBA center Jason Collins just became the first openly gay athlete in a major North American sport. If you need a reason why that matters, consider that there are millions of young people across the country and around the world who are confused about their sexuality

In Kansas, Anything Is Now Possible

This week Governor Brownback of Kansas signed a bill directing the KU Medical Center to establish a Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center. Though it doesn’t provide any funding, the bill mandates that the university establish a center to research adult stem cells, as an alternative to embryonic stem cells

Crowdfunding Abounds in KC

Crowdfunding is exploding in popularity. According to an industry report, online fundraising through websites including Kickstarter and Indiegogo more than doubled last year, with $1.6 billion raised in North America alone

Change planned for KCI hits speed bump

Kansas City area residents don't like the changes proposed for Kansas City International Airport. Petitions filed Sunday with the city clerk's office signal a formal challenge to turn the 1972 airport into a one-terminal facility

Economic disparity still hampers black success

Gwendolyn Grant dismisses any notion that we've entered a post-racial period since the nation elected and re-elected its first African American president. In the last 50 years, black men and women have gained freedoms and risen to civic and business heights that were once unimaginable

Shame on unpatriotic gun bills of Missouri, Kansas lawmakers

The Boston Marathon bombings last week brought out a cooperative spirit among federal, state and local law enforcement authorities to help solve a case of international significance. Meanwhile, Kansas and Missouri lawmakers last week took shameful actions that made them look unpatriotic, virtually spitting in the face of the U.S

Disturbing superbugs prevalent

Meat consumers should be alarmed. More than half of the samples of ground beef, ground turkey and pork chops picked up from supermarkets for testing in 2011 by the federal government contained salmonella, E

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