Medley of veggies and zesty spread kick open-faced sandwich up a notch

The French “tartine” is a savvy sandwich standby: a slice of buttered bread topped with whatever you have on hand. That could be jams, meats or cheeses. Even better: grilled veggies. The Star’s Grilled Vegetable Tartine takes inspiration from the open-faced tartine once served on the lunch menu at the Genessee Royale Bistro in the West Bottoms.

Miso glaze puts a new twist on fish

The reported health benefits of miso are numerous: Miso is fermented, so it is a probiotic that aids in digestion, and it is high in compounds linked to lower rates of breast cancer, heart disease and menopausal symptoms. The Star’s Miso-Glazed Pan Seared Fish and Vegetables is a delicious way to try miso and start integrating it into your diet.

Open-Faced Turkey Bruschetta Burgers cut out the calories

There’s more than one way to nip and tuck your next turkey burger. The Star’s Open-Faced Turkey Bruschetta Burger starts with a slider portion of lean ground turkey breast. Sliders are smart because they offer automatic portion control. Go one better by making the burger part of an open-faced sandwich on one half of a split whole-wheat English muffin.

Mexican flavors make a delicious mainstream

The Star’s Enchilada Casserole is a Mexican-style family meal with a lighter touch. The recipe starts with a layer of ground round (about 11 percent fat). While the lower fat content would produce a dry, tough burger, ground round works well in casseroles.

Mexican favorite mole slims down with addition of black beans

The Star’s Pork and Black Bean Chili Mole offers a similar flavor profile as a more traditional Mexican mole but relies on reduced-sodium chicken broth, no-salt added tomato paste and cubes of lean pork loin to whittle down those numbers. To further boost the nutrition, we added black beans, another staple of the cuisine,

Leftovers get a lighter touch with Smoked Turkey and Cranberry Cabbage Salad

Do turkey leftovers lurk after your holiday dinners? The Star’s Smoked Turkey and Cranberry Cabbage Salad spins the last morsels of holiday leftovers into a creative salad featuring pre-packaged coleslaw mix. And while most slaws incorporate mayonnaise or buttermilk as a binder, we went for a lighter vinaigrette as a welcome respite after a season of rich excess.

Multigrain Pasta Tuna Salad declares a truce in the carb wars

For The Star's Multigrain Pasta Tuna Salad, we used a multigrain rotini with 5 grams of dietary fiber per serving. Additional ingredients boost the recipe to 7 grams per serving. The pasta salad is tossed with water-packed tuna, an excellent source of omega-3; antioxidant-rich red peppers; and artichokes, a source of vitamin A.

A slimming salad reduction

Although gourmet stores have been peddling exotic-flavored vinaigrettes spiked with fruit flavors for years, it’s easy and much less expensive to make your own. The cider in The Star’s Romaine and Spinach Salad With Cider House Dressing concentrates the earthy, naturally spicy flavor of this popular early American beverage.

Beef and Mushroom Stew is a one-pot wonder

One way to subtly alter lopsided proportions is to serve up more stews, casseroles, stir-fries, grain-based salads and other one-pot meals. The Star’s Beef and Mushroom Stew is a tasty way to create a quick, convenient and nutritious meal.

Cut the fat and calories from a comfort food classic

Unlike instant au gratin potatoes from the supermarket or homemade au gratin, The Star’s Au Gratin Potato Casserole uses reduced-fat dairy products to trim the fat and calories from this creamy, satisfying comfort food that few of us would be willing to banish from the dinner table.

Greek Salad pays homage to the Mediterranean Diet

The Star’s Greek Salad pays homage to the Mediterranean Diet, albeit with a slight modern twist: fat-free feta. Fat-free feta is a fairly new product showing up in many dairy cases alongside the blocks and crumbles of plain, reduced fat and multi-flavored versions.

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