Eating for Life | Fat-free half-and-half adds creamy texture to potato soup

Choosing a tall, cool glass of skim milk is a smart move that can significantly reduce your saturated fat intake over time. But when it comes to a cream-based soup, skim milk just doesn’t have enough heft. The Star’s Potato, Leek and Cheese Soup relies on fat-free half-and-half to cut the fat yet maintain a silken texture that glides over the tongue.

Eating For Life | Salmon without the salt and calories

For The Star’s Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Salad With Dill Vinaigrette, we cut the carbs by ditching the bagel for a bed of salad greens. Then we swapped the high-fat cream cheese for a simple vinaigrette. Finally, we used the smoked salmon sparingly, almost as a garnish.

Eating for Life | Cinnamon-Scented granola does double duty

If multitasking has become a way of life for you, shouldn’t your recipes be willing to do double duty? The Star’s Cinnamon-Scented Granola is a two-in-one recipe: You can serve it with milk for breakfast or sprinkle it over nonfat yogurt for dessert. Or why not serve it as a Breakfast Apple Crisp — for breakfast or dessert?

Eating for Life | Subtle tweaks make cheese soup more nutritious

Cheese soup is so comforting until you take a good look at the nutritional analysis. The Star’s Vegetable Cheese Soup starts out with a base of reduced-fat cheese and fat-free half-and-half. Add low-sodium chicken broth, and you can take the sodium way down. Chopped celery, carrots and onions add fiber and flavor.

Eating for Life | Splashes of color make Citrus Chicken Salad a standout

Although modern salad lovers have more healthy baby greens to choose from than ever before, too often they’re drenched in a pool of store-bought salad dressing. The Star’s Citrus and Strawberry Chicken Salad features an easy-to-make tangy strawberry and citrus juice emulsion that dresses the salad in a splash of hot pink — no additives required.

Eating for Life | Coffeecake gets a low-fat, nutrition-packed makeover

Casually add or subtract an ingredient when baking and you may have a flop on your hands, or at the very least, a cake that is as appetizing as cardboard. The Star’s Peach Streusel Coffeecake makes a variety of careful substitutions that significantly alter the nutritional content of a traditionally rich, cakelike bread without ruining the flavor or texture.

Eating for Life | Savory quiche goes gluten-free

While gluten-free products serve a need for people who suffer from celiac disease, they can be pricey. When it comes to figuring out an alternative crust, inexpensive potatoes can fill the bill. The Star’s Potato-Crusted Quiche uses shredded potatoes to make a nest of hash browns.

Eating for Life | Hot off the grill: pasta salad

Pasta salads are perennial favorites at backyard barbecues, potlucks or picnics. Too bad they’re usually made with plain white pasta and drowning in oil or mayonnaise. The Star’s Grilled Shrimp and Vegetable Pasta Salad tweaks the ingredients to create a tasty, more nutritious alternative that’s sure to become a summer classic.