Health care bill helps add 3 million to Medicaid

Three million Americans signed up for Medicaid under President Barack Obama's new health care law as of the end of February, the administration said Friday, offering its first full accounting of how much the safety-net health program has grown since implementation of the law.

Sunday event at Sporting Park kicks off Money Smart Month

Sunday’s Score Your Goals Financial Funfest at the soccer stadium at 1 Sporting Way in Kansas City, Kan., will be from 1 to 5 p.m. Money Smart Month of Greater Kansas City is designed to promote and encourage financial literacy for all ages through classes, workshops and other programs.

Coca-Cola pulls new Diet Coke Slurpee from 7-Eleven

Advertising Age said a significant number of convenience stores have had quality issues related to the freezing consistency of the product. Coca-Cola and 7-Eleven said in a joint statement that there are no health or safety issues with Diet Coke Frost.

Club sports can take a club to your checkbook

This is the time of year when many club teams hold tryouts for the coming summer and fall leagues. If this is your first club sport experience, keep this in mind: It’s expensive. But there are ways to control the money flow.

Senators push for better auto safety reporting

Two senators introduced legislation intended to help highway safety experts, both in the government and outside it, “connect the dots” in cases such as the Chevy Cobalt, where a safety defect went undetected for years and caused at least 12 deaths before a recall was issued.

Misuse of ‘e-juice’ for electronic cigarettes can be deadly

Bottles of flavored liquid used with refillable electronic cigarettes are posing dangers to children and adults who unwittingly consume overdoses of nicotine or other chemicals in the oils. No federal health regulation yet limits e-liquid ingredients. Proposals governing e-cigarettes are expected soon from the Food and Drug Administration.

Propane and natural gas industries prepare for next winter

The propane price surge roiled not only consumers who were paying hundreds of dollars more to heat their homes but also the industry, which is pledging to unveil plans to avoid spikes next winter. By comparison, natural gas had more modest increases. But the market remains volatile.

Your credit score -- why it matters and how it works

An individual’s credit information and score have become increasingly more important in our society. Credit scores impact the ability to borrow money and the terms at which lenders are willing to make loans. It is also used in decision-making about home or apartment rental applications, auto and other insurance rates, cell phone contracts, and even the ability to hook up utilities without a cash deposit. Many employers even pull a version of your credit report and use this information as part of the hiring process.