‘Bad Words’: Snarky, spelled out | 3 stars

All those years of packing his resume with “long suffering” reasonable guys forced to do the slow burn when confronted by irrational family, bosses or identity thieves must have gotten to Jason Bateman. He unloads that past with his directing debut, a hilarious film about an unfiltered, eternally angry 40-year-old. In “Bad Words” he is a “Bad Santa” on his own quixotic “Little Miss Sunshine” quest.

'The Face of Love': Great actors not enough 2½ stars

It’s hard to be emphatic about “The Face of Love.” It’s a sloppily written movie with an arresting premise, starring a great actress in a role that doesn’t make sense. So there’s a whole lot of This, but there’s a little too much That.

‘Enemy’ is puzzling, times-two | 2 stars

Jake Gyllenhaal does tour de force double duty in the intimate thriller “Enemy,” a cryptic essay on identity. He is terrific in both guises, but he is trapped in a frustrating puzzle without a solution.