Dare to: Ride a roller coaster

I know it’s real when the seat belt buckles and the lap bar comes down. I’m locked in a four-passenger car set on a track spanning 1,345 feet. There’s no turning back, but my back is turned. I chose the seat that doesn’t look the five-story ascension in the face. But I can hear the rickety sound of the climb, and my fingers curl tighter and tighter around the safety bar until my nails dig into my palms. The pain reminds me that this is not a nightmare. It’s happening.

Dare to: Take a break from hygiene

By Day 2 of your trip to the lake, the veneer of sweat, dead skin, lake water detritus and dried ketchup (blood?) serves as a perfectly functional and ‘natural’ sunscreen.

Dare to: Camp out at the zoo

‘JUG-O-RUM! JUG-O-RUM!’ We pointed a flashlight at the noise. Staring back were dozens of dinner-plate-sized bullfrogs, dating and mating.

Dare to: Climb a tree

They use ropes and comfy safety harnesses, and teach climbers safety calls to alert those below of falling objects. (If you hear ‘Headache!’ don’t look up.)

Dare to: Get a bird’s-eye view

Spending time on top of the Liberty Memorial might not seem particularly daring. My fear had more to do with getting from Point A (the ground) to Point B (217 feet up).