Their initial spark later leads to lasting bond

Despite the initial chemistry, Karen Luthi and eff Hardeman soon learned they were each in other relationships. It was December 1989, and over several years of working together, Karen and Jeff became good friends. They played volleyball with a group from work and liked the same bands and movies.

After a baseball game and movies, he made a pitch to get married

Velma Miller was watching a baseball game in Platte County with a bunch of friends. It was the summer of 1934 and after the game, her friend introduced 19-year-old Velma to several of the players. Days later, 21-year-old Jack Loncar asked her out on a double date. Velma loved to go out, so she happily accepted.

Time apart brought couple closer together

Kenton Campbell, 26, had been admiring Amanda Taylor, 29, from afar, watching as she raced about providing bottle service at a popular nightspot. “Someday I want to marry a girl like her,” Kenton told a friend.

Love Story | Over time and distance, love took root

In fall of 1990, Teresa Freeman, 19, and Adrian Barnhill, 20, both went through training to become resident advisers at East Carolina University in Greenville, N.C. During their college years they were occasionally thrown together, and the two became friends.