Kansas City’s future depends on overcoming a racial divide

Because of rapidly increasing racial and ethnic demographic changes, the future in the Kansas City area will depend on this community overcoming its racist past and present. That won’t be easy because of racism’s deep roots and its regenerating ability to hurt and exclude people of color.

Snow, cold, ice contribute to slow economy and job creation

Even though joblessness is at a five-year low, job creation was less than expected for the second straight month. The awful weather with terribly low temperatures, snow and ice throughout the country — including the South — played a role in keeping people out of stores and depressing jobs and the economy.

New guidelines to help women prevent strokes

Stroke is the third-leading cause of death for women so it makes sense that the American Heart Association finally has come out with guidelines to help women prevent strokes. Each year about 800,000 people in this country have a stroke or a stroke recurs. Symptoms are different for women than they are for men.

Shoveling snow worst part of getting to work after storm

The hardest part about getting to work Wednesday morning for most Kansas City area residents was shoveling the nearly 12 inches of snow that fell the previous day and overnight. The snow had to be cleared for residents to get out of their garages and driveways. It was worse for people who parked on the street.

Snow-mageddon strikes Kansas City

Fears of being like Atlanta, which 3 inches of snow brought to a standstill, caused a lot of officials in the Kansas City area to overreact, urging schools to close and people to stay home. But unlike Atlanta, we’ve been to this rodeo more than a time or two.

Trust in Karzai fades with his outreach to Taliban

Everything Barack Obama wants Hamid Karzai to do will just about always go in the opposite direction. That backward motion is behind the Afghan president having secret contacts with the Taliban, which may include a peace agreement without the U.S. and Western allies.